M³ – Monday Morning Motivation with dEEb (9/25/2017)


Weekends come and go, the work week resumes every single Monday. Some of us the work week never stops. Those of us having troubles finding encouragement to get to the end of it will find sanctuary in my Monday Morning Motivational programs. A solid hour of all things drum and bass jungle music. Providing the soundtrack to the timeline are bits from Hazard, Dialogue, Version, Heist, Modified Motion and the likes! Archive, complete tracklist and various links after the jump!


You can catch this program from your mobile device or personal computer on Tune In App and its as simple as logging in with Facebook and listening to an hour of quality drum & bass. Archives can be caught on my Mixcloud profile. My Soundcloud profile as well as DNBSHARE. Just simply search @BrandonDNB in the Download Archive section of DNBSHARE.

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#001.| Heist – Dregs At The Bottom
#002.| Dialogue – Keep’em Coming
#003.| Version – Backbone
#004.| Hazard – Air Guitar
#005.| Macky Gee- Something Natural
#006.| Heist – Dirty Work
#007.| Prototypes feat. Amy Pearson – Don’t Let Me Go (Big Top Mix)
#008.| Majistrate – Bad Boy
#009.| Benny Page – Bang Bang (Sub Zero)
#010.| Original Sin – My Skool
#011.| Heist – Big Mouth
#012.| Pleasure, Origin – Sarsaparilla Kid
#013.| Limited feat. Fatman D – 123
#014.| Caspa feat. Keith Flint – War (Hazard)
#015.| Barikade, Jayline – Digital Pimp
#016.| Nu:Elementz, Decimal Bass – Ticka Tock
#017.| Hoogs – What You Say
#018.| Drum Addict – Pump (Modified Motion)
#019.| Twisted Individual – Donkey Punch (Sub Zero)
#020.| Slum Dogz – Bad VIP
#021.| Jaydan, Sub Zero – Brain Freeze VIP
#022.| Kaskade, Deadmau5 – I Remember (J Majik, Wickaman)
#023.| Dub Motion – Rollin’
#024.| Dub Zero – Better Place
#025.| Dominator – Think First
#026.| Heist – Mattress Back
#027.| Hype, Wickaman, J Majik feat. Daddy Earl – Rollin’ It
#028.| Majistrate – It VIP
#029.| Lyptikal – Problem Solvers (Jaydan)
#030.| Dub Zero – The Hunter
#031.| Prototypes feat. Ayah Marar – Kill The Silence
#032.| Modified Motion – What’s That Mean
#033.| Taxman – Falling Down
#034.| T>I feat. Regina – Killa
#035.| Voltage – Message
#036.| Serum – Wiretap VIP
#037.| Logan D, Soulserge feat. Darrison – Blue Skies
#038.| Annix – Nuff Sound Can’t Play
#039.| Tyke, Prestige – Schizophrenia
#040.| Zen – Reverse Cowgirl
#041.| Voltage – Dope Pusher
#042.| Nu:Elementz – Dayzed (T>I)
#043.| Limited, Sub Zero – How To Act
#044.| Majistrate – Pick’em Out
#045.| Ego Trippin’ – Thrill Seekers
#046.| Macky Gee – Grititude
#047.| Prototypes feat. Ayak – Under
#048.| Taxman feat. Diane Charlemange – Ribirth (Hard)


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I am a columnist here at American Drum And Bass internet magazine Best Drum And Bass. Here you can find my published articles relating to Drum And Bass Jungle music, mixes and events. With over 4 years of Internet Radio Talk Show Hosting experience. At Hush.FM every single Monday at 11AM Central Standard Time you can listen to my "Monday Morning Motivation" program. Or catch the archives of those Radio Shows Here! Partnered with some of the best and major outlets in Drum And Bass music.

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