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Good morning Drum n Bass World!  I hope everyone’s weekend was as great as mine!

This week is the FIRST in a new series I am going to write.  This series will be about the CREWS that are bringing the Drum and Bass sound we all love to our cities each week, month or quarter!!

The first crew up on deck celebrated their 16 year anniversary this weekend!!  16 YEARS of doing at the minimum a monthly!! I am talking about the Recon Crew out of Bass City – Denver, Colorado!! This crew is made up of nothing but some of the best talent Bass City has to offer for Drum n Bass! They are ALL just awesome, stand up, motivated group of people as well! Their fearless leader is Maggie, AKA – Despise, who just earned her PhD! We have Solid who is a veteran, we have fathers, husbands and just normal everyday people who have successfully built something great for their city that they are ALL passionate about! Check them out below…

Recon Crew
DJ Contrast
Goreteks (AKA – Baloo & Strode)
John Glist

The 16 year anniversary show was full of heat! It started off in normal fashion with the whole Recon Crew going B2B for the first hour and half.  In 1.5hrs you got to hear all the different styles they bring to the table! It was a great way to get the show bumping.  Root for the Villain went first and set the tone for the night, then in his US debut Coco Bryce dropped one of the nastiest, dirtiest Jungle sets that I have heard in a long time! Digital was closing it out and he did not disappoint with his big bass and drums!  The Black Box’s Basscouch IQ Sound System was flexing hard with these 3 on decks! Hands down, no argument, Coco Bryce stole the show!! That Jungle set took me back to being 14 years old listening to tape packs on my walkman! GO AND SEE HIM IF YOU CAN!!

I did get to sit down with the Recon Crew for a few minutes and ask them some questions.  I will say this, I recorded the whole interview but due to sound quality it did not work out the way we wanted!

I asked the crew what was their favorite show….the one show that I kept hearing from them all was when they brought out Photek! I also heard BSE, Fracture, Dom & Roland and a whole lot more that I can’t remember. My favorite show that I have been to of theirs was Black Sun Empire and then Spinscott was another good one for me. Last night was crazy with Coco Bryce and Digital as well!

I asked their leader Despise and Shoebox if they had any advice for the next generation of crews; Despise, she said to just keep pushing with what you are passionate about.  She said people will take notice as long as you keep making choices with passion for DnB.  Shoebox’s advice was “it’s all about the timing”. He said make sure to think about other events in your city when picking dates and dealing with all types of logistics like of the DJ’s, gear, venue, etc.

Recon also teams up with other crews in Bass City – Denver, CO like Reload, The Distinguished, Altitude Sickness and Language to name few.  This adds to their success they said, working together with other Drum n Bass crews in Denver to push the sounds we all love allow for them to bring in bigger names, get bigger venues and book multiple headliners for their parties that in turn draw larger crowds.

I asked them whats next for Recon Crew…they said BIG TINGS!  More big shows, more underground sounds, more DnB for Denver!  I asked if they were going to stop anytime soon….the look of utter confusion on all their faces said everything!!!  There is no stopping for Recon anytime soon!

Big Up ReconDnB for 16 years of being a driving force for Drum n Bass in The Bass City – Denver Colorado and in the US!  Here is to another 16 years of Recon!

Recon Website (www.recondnb.net)
Recon SoundCloud
Recon Facebook
Recon Twitter
Recon YouTube


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