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Hello there bass junkies. Welcome back to a very special edition of my 1 in 10 list. For all of those that are new to this feature, let me explain how it goes down. Every two weeks I pick my nine favorite tunes and one full release to go with it. This particular list will be covering the whole entire month of August with seventeen single tracks and three whole releases. August was a nonstop torrent of amazing music from every side of the Drum & Bass spectrum. Top notch releases from The Dreamers Recordings, Liondub International, Astrophonica, 1985 Music, Elm Imprint and many more in store below. So get comfy, grab some headphones and get lost in some of the best sonic vibes around!

#20.)80’s – Thiago Pery & Shoyos : Thiago Pery & Friends Vol.2 [Liquid Flavours Records]

Smooth rocking brought to you from the one like Thiago Pery and his mate Shoyos. “80’s” is a blissful jazzy tune meant for long drives on sunny days. Carried away by guitar and piano samples we are soon greeted with funky bass riffs, waving oscillating synths, and simplistic drum rhythms. “80’s” is a great way to grab your crowd for the sounds to come.

#19.)Rock Hopper – Whiney : Talisman [Medschool]

Medschool, Hospital Records sister label, has always been a label that I could turn to for well produced tunes that are pushing new and interesting sounds. Whiney hits hard with “Rock Hopper” off of his full length LP, “Talisman.” Gripped by empowering atmospheric synths and pan flute samples, Whiney shows us how to “rock” with rolling basslines, well placed snares hits, and echoing vocals.

#18.)Jungle Jungle Jungle – Conrad Subs : Jungle Jungle Jungle/Sunday Roast Dub [Deconstructed Recordings]

With a title like this, its hard to miss the mark on what might be waiting on the other side of the speakers. “Jungle Jungle Jungle” by Conrad Subs is a day in the life of any jungle native. Conga breaks, big rolling subs, and the sound of jungle life surrounding you shows you whats its like to be one with the jungle jungle jungle.

#17.)The Flex – Nuvaman : The Bunker / The Flex [Sub Edit Records]

Sub Edit Records coming at ya with sexy funk beat from Nuvaman. “The Flex” is a great warm up track for any set. With its bendy rubber synth leads, chanting vocal hooks, and groovy bassline this is sure to turn some heads.

#16.)Nothing Personal – Ntropy : Unbroken EP [Singularity Audio]

Ntropy‘s “Unbroken EP” is a deep and dark journey through bass. The highlight tune for me is “Nothing Personal.” Spaced out and hollowed drums lead us into warm stomping kick drums and a dark creeping atmosphere. As we build towards our second, Ntropy raises the tempo with added drum breaks and a flexing bassline.

#15.)Lonely (FD’s Roll Out Remix) – GLXY feat. Belle Humble : Butterfly Effect EP [Soulvent Records]

FD here with a dope remix of GLXY‘s tune, “Lonely,” featuring Belle Humble. This groovy roller is drenched in deep, sultry vibes and well paired with a banging bassline. Belle’s chanting vocals really give this song a sense of want and longing which is sure to get some blood pumping on the dance floor.

#14.)Just One More Thing – Cosmology : 3 Piece Funk EP [Soul Deep Exclusive]

Jazz master, Cosmology, makes his return to Soul Deep Records and I couldn’t be more excited. “Just One More Thing” is filled with piano stabs, horn samples, amen beats, and a funky, reese-like, baseline. This tune always gets a reaction while it grooves with attitude from start to finish.

#13.)Lasagna – Alibi, Unreal & Dogface : DJ Patife Presents Viva Brazil: Sunandbass Sessions [V Recordings]

V Recordings teaming up with their long time friend, DJ Patife, to bring you “Viva Brazil: Sunandbass Sessions.” This 18 track release is a compilation of DJ Patife’s reignited passion for Drum & Bass. Alibi, Unreal & Dogface bring the heat on their tune, “Lasagna.” Distorted rolling subs mixed with funk synth flare and driving drums are why this tune stands out above the rest.

#12.)Digikal General – FFF : The Superpowers EP [PRSPCT Recordings]

Rotterdam junglist, FFF, takes us on a dubbed out, soul filled, jungle journey with his beast of a track, “Digikal General.” Starting us off with ragga vocals and piano upbeats we are swiftly lifted by swinging amen breaks. Piano chords slowly stake hold creating a pocket of jungle bliss before we slip back into our dub fueled breaks. Make note, because this one will be sure to give emotion to any set.

#11.)Spinscott : Lovelight [Elm Imprint]

Elm Imprint and Spinscott team up for the first time to bring you this massive duel track release. Spinscott is well known for his incredible, 100% original, live Jungle sets on the famed MPC. If you haven’t already check out some of his live work here!
“Lovelight” starts us of in the golden era of beautiful atmospheric jungle with bright lush synths, stuttered and chopped up drum beats, and a banging bassline which follows us out to the very end of the tune. This track is a great breath of fresh air when the dancefloor is feelin’ hot.
On the flip side of this killer release we have “Make It Funky.” As the title states, this track is loaded with funky rhythms and groove galore. Rolling bass, piano chords leading us into heavenly release, and or course Spinscott’s signature jungle style to bring it all together.
Be sure to click the buy link below and grab some of the few physical editions left of this dope release.

#10.)Giving Up – Neve & Wild Hits : Dream Cycle Vol.1 [The Dreamers Recordings]

“Giving Up” hasn’t left my set box since the Dream Cycle Vol.1 promo was sent out in the middle of July. Neve & Wild Hits have struck gold with this emotional stricken beat. Loaded with rolling basslines, uniquely crafted drum breaks, and heart touched synth leads. This has been an anthem for summer nights of twenty seventeen. Thanks Neve & Wild Hits. Feel free to check out a full review of Dream Cycle Vol.1 on our website here!

#9.)The Gorgon (VIP) – T>I : The Gorgon (VIP)/Snooper Remix [Murky Digital]

Just encase you haven’t familiarized with the one like T>I, to put it simply, the man is a bass genius. The VIP Remix of his own tune, “The Gorgon,” is a dark and heavy beater with it’s pulsating subs, snapping snare hits, and lurching horn swells. Our lovely writer dEEb, a long time follower of T>I, has a full review of this release which you can check out here!

#8.)One Two Three – D Product : The Get Twisted EP [Full Cycle Records]

No stranger to Krust & Size’s label, Full Cycle Records, D Product puts out his newest original release since July of twenty sixteen. “One Two Three” is the pick for me off of The Get Twisted EP. Big band horn styles paired with chanting vocals counting you down to the drop where we are lifted by amen breaks and bouncing basslines. This tune is a sure fire way to build up energy for the dance.

#7.)Friction On My Feet VIP – Hungry T : Liondub & Marcus Visionary Present: Jungle to the World, Vol. 3 [Liondub International]

Let me start by saying that I am incredibly stoked to see this VIP make it to a release. Being a local to the NYC jungle scene, I’ve been privy to many tunes from Liondub International and this particular track has been smashing dancefloors at our local clubs for months now! “Friction On My Feet VIP” is everything you want from a jungle banger. With it’s infectious vocals, raging reece basslines, and chopped amen breaks this will get any crowd up and moving following the warranted rewind for this absolutely wild track.

#6.)Body Bang(Rumble Mix) – Navigator feat. Jr Dangerous : Alignment [Liondub International]

Liondub International making the list twice this month, this time with it’s full LP release from Navigator called “Alignment.” Although I am only going to point but one track of this release, I highly recommend checking out the full twenty seven track LP here. “Body Bang(Rumble Mix)” is an instant classic dancehall booty shaker with lyrical masters Navigator and Jr Dangerous complimented by Rumble’s (Liondub and Marcus Visionary‘s new alias) dirty beats.

#5.)GDM – DJ Madd : Biggest Boss Jah EP [Roots & Future]

DJ Madd coming at ya with his most recent release, “Biggest Boss Jah EP,” on his label Roots & Future. “GDM” is a juke/jungle infused tune with descending bouncing bass, shuffling high hats and snares, and a chanting vocal hook that will have the crowd ready to “Get Down.”

#4.)Soundboy Surrender (VIP Mix) – Kartoon : Inna Jungle EP [Deep In The Jungle Records]

DJ Hybrid‘s label, Deep In The Jungle, has been turning out tune after tune this year and the “Inna Jungle EP” is just another example of the phenomenal selection this label has to offer. Kartoon kills it with the classic jungle vibes on his “Soundboy Surrender (VIP Mix).” This bright and upbeat ragga jungle track gets down and dirty with deep bass, heavy amen breaks, and commanding vocals.

#3.)Shibui – Corrupted & Hexoto : WAVE008 [Flexout Audio]

Flexout Audio and Corrupted making another appearance on the 1 in 10 listings but this time together on the “WAVE008” release. “Shibui” by Corrupted & Hexoto is a halftime rocker that builds to climax over the length of the track. Starting with stripped back drum beats, lead xylophone rhythms, and menacing atmospheric synths we are met in the later half with fat rolling subs and metallic gongs. This heavy monster has been creating waves, no pun intended, across the halftime scene with no plans on letting up.

#2.)Monty : Hold Me Back EP [1985 Music]

Alix Perez‘s newest imprint on the bass music forefront, 1985 music, has been solidifying its vibe for the past two years now and it has been an absolute pleasure to listen too. When the announcement for Monty‘s “Hold Me Back EP” was made I couldn’t have been more excited to hear his take on the 1985 sound. Monty has been making his mark on labels such as Critical Music, Vandal Limited, Cyberfunk, and Flexout Audio showing what vibes he takes best too. On “Hold Me Back EP” he gives us four original tracks with a rich, deep groovy theme at it’s core. Starting us off with the title track, “Hold Me Back,” we are welcomed by Benabu’s bluesy vocals and atmospheric synths that feel like smoke dissipating in midair. Soft rolling bass and electric stabs create a smooth classy vibe that’ll create tension on any dancefloor. “The Underground Fable” is steady rocker with deep funky bass, pulsing bends, and perfectly placed breaks. On “Spongy Conversation” we find soft opening chords, oscillating neuro synth, sultry vocals, and rich bending subs. Final track, “The Savage Chase,” lets the forest grab hold as conga breaks and horn calls drag us into dark, dirtied bass. This EP only continues to show us the level of skill and quality Monty is becoming known for and that we can count on him to deliver every time.

#1.)Fracture : Cold & Rain [Astrophonica]

Label head, Fracture, has always made sure that Astrophonica keeps to it’s name of quality while still being fresh and new. With an average of two to three releases a year, the label has still made its way into the limelight by never compromising what it does best, which is delivering great music to the masses. “Cold & Rain” featuring Inaya Day starts the EP off with a jungle vibe comprised of chopped breaks and rolling bass with a footwork style break down of repeating vocals and stuttered highs. “Your Time” is a forward thinking drum & bass tune with simplistic breaks, diving mid tones, and an in-your-face bass attitude. Up next are the fun bouncy vibes of “On Your Mind”. With it’s chanting vocals, clapping highs, and sub variations it’s a sure fire way to get the night started right. For the last tune Fracture teams up with Alix Perez to give us “So High.” This halftime/D&B monster makes it’s way across the spectrum with a variety of different beat structures, soulful R&B vibes, and plenty of bass for all the addicts out there. Astrophonica has already announced their next release for twenty seventeen, “Shapeshifter EP” by Lewis James, which is due to release October 13th on digital and physical formats. Check their bandcamp page for more info on the release and to preview the track “Ferro” as well!

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