10 Tracks You Should Be Listening To : November 2018 Part 2


The holiday season is here. And the holiday we are celebrating in Drum & Bass Day. Which is every day year round, especially in November. With worldwide releases smashing the scene at the moment lets dive in to some of the MUST hear tunes of the past two weeks.

#1. MD & Koherent – Syntax

Mark Dinimal has been producing D&B for well over a century and according to his biography 174 years to be exact. Part of the smashing production outfit Data 3 which has been cooking up some serious rollers this time around he with his partners in crime Koherent who he has worked with in the past under Data 3. The Criminals EP forthcoming program offers some serious business in the techy rollers department.

Syntax starts its tone with some samples from Glados from the video game series portal which is appropriately fitting for the cheeky vibe it sets. You can hear influence in certain quick fills keeping the theme futuristic and the infectious bass line to get you grooving.

#2.  DJ Hybrid – Takeover EP

DJ Hybrid is one of the most prolific producers who has consistently proven how efficiency and innovation can be one in the same. Our source is currently unaware if this man ever actually eats or sleeps or if he only sustains life by producing belters. We may never know. Fresh off the ” Puff Puff Pass EP ” on Serial Killaz this one comes courtesy of Audio Addict with 6 Minimal and Catchy DJ friendly staple tracks!

#3. Giganti – The Face Off.

Not so newcomer to the scene with a mysterious theatrical guise comes Giganti. Producer of mystery with a few tunes under their belt comes out swinging going for a knock out blow with this release on Viper Recordings. Blaring leads and enormous basslines are the name of the game in this one. Il leave the guessing up to you. But for what we know now this ones certain to erupt dancefloors globally with its massive weight.

#4.  Mean Teeth // Bring Back The Funk L.P. Part 1

Baltic badboys Mean Teeth are back again and on a mission to put the FUNK back in neurofunk. Paying homage to the oldschool techstep days and the early evolutions of neurofunk Mean Teeth have created an entire album which is all killer 0% filler. Mean Teeth take you on a journey from square one and push the foundations of the sonic frontier as we know them today. This ones out on the 3rd of December and you can give a listen to it here.

#5. Sikey & Speedwagon – Misty Eyed Dub EP

The Dutch collaboration between Sikey & Speedwagon is one to keep an ear out for with this brilliant dub influenced style of rollers and jungle. Pure vibes.

#6. TC – GTFU LP

Quite possibly another one of the most prolific producers in the scene TC is back with another album in the realm of Jump Up. TC continues to put his twist on the genre as he has done for well over the past decade unless you have been living under a rock. Theres something for everyone on this one as it still retains a decent amount of diversity while still achieving TC’s signature sounds and style.

#7. Whiney – Waystone LP.

Absolute devastating the game in the realm of diversity reigns Whiney. Over&Over Whiney shreds through the scene with brilliant production work and collaborations to match. His latest work the ” Waystone LP ” is able to transcend multiple genres and does it to the best of their ability. This one is truly some of his best work and is a certified weapon on the dancefloor wherever you go.

#8. Was A Be – Overstep EP

Over the past few years Was A Be has made a name for themselves with an unmistakeable style of blending footwork, juke, and contemporary sounds into well crafted drum and bass music. Was A Be hailing from Italy is always on the cutting edge of what they are capable of doing, don’t expect their sound to be pigeonholed as with every release comes a new surprise. This one on Shogun lives up to the hype.


#9.  Dawn Wall – Devil’s Night EP

The mysterious production outfit known as Dawn Wall are back once more with another mystifying example of incredibly crafted music to continue their reign at the top of there class. Shrouded in lore and rumours Dawn Wall has been dropping occult like hints in names and artwork. Im getting a trapped on an island filled with magical native people vibe from this one and the music isn’t to far off. The majority of the EP maintains heavily atmospheric and liquid tones with the occasional belter which in this case is ” Emblem Of The Sun ” which is just about as hot as the sun as well.

#10. Gradients Volume 2. – Astrophonica

This heavyweight LP featuring the works of some of the most heavy weight artists on the outer edges of the Drum and Bass and Jungle scene is a magnificent display of forward thinking auditory art. Going far out of the mold this entire compilation can satisfy even a veteran chin stroker.

Gradients Vol. 2 by Astrophonica


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