10 Tracks You Should Be Listening To : November 2018


Tis the season for some of the best releases of the year is upon us. For some reason November throughout the past years has always been chock full of incredible tunes. Today we are going to dive into 10 Tracks that should be on your speakers and on your USB’s.

#1 Des McMahon – Space Candy / Cold [Viper Recordings]

This one comes courtesy of American producer Des McMahon who has been carefully crafting his skills for the past few years with a versatile sound in Drum & Bass at the moment. This release on Viper covers the range of dancefloor oriented ” Space Candy ” and the Flip cooling things down with “Cold” an atmospheric roller with lovely soundscapes to add to the mix. 


#2 LCKD017 – Cloak & Dagger EP 

The next one is from Tide on the  mastermind producer Lockjaw’s imprint Locked Concept  a label featuring some of the scenes finest avant garde grade releases. Tide comes swinging full force with an exemplary show of force in the sound design field with 4 huge abstract tunes ranging from futuristic half time tunes to a contemporary roller jam packed with laser sharp fills and advanced programing. this one is not to be missed.

#3 Subp Yao – Let ’em Drown & Bubbles (MethLab EP)

One of Halftime’s most skilled stars is back on Methlab with a a Sci Fi fueled heater. Subp Yao’s latest one will strap you in the rocket and take you to a different planet. This ones not out for a few more weeks so stay tuned.

#4 InsideInfo & Hybrid Minds – Beneath

The legendary outfits of Insideinfo & Hybrid Minds have joined forces in a light & darkness play of sound. This collaboration eloquently displays Insideinfo & Hybrid Minds production capabilities in a theatrical release like none other. Insideinfo ever so delicately graces the track with subtle glimpses of gritty yet refined technical neuro soundscapes balanced  with Hybrid Minds beautiful leads and atmospheric capabilities. From head to to this is masterful production 101. Bang on performance.

#5 Kursiva & Isaac Maya – Mexican Gang

Kursiva & Isaac Maya bring an ominous hulking stepper to the Technique camp with tune to set off the rave no matter the occasion. ( unless its a liquid show). This tune highlights some fantastic piano leads and “spanish” influenced guitar licks. Once it drops it does so with mighty force obliterating anyone who’s in the front row.

#6 Enei – Faded EP (CRIT118)

Enei is back on the legendary Critical Recordings with a huge EP shaking things up at the moment. Enei enters some new grounds with staunch and stepping sounds entering the ever popular contemporary jump up / harder rollers scene. Enei still retains his signature technical sounds in other parts of the EP. Top notch production with innovative techniques stay true.

#7 Data 3 – Komparen

Data 3 on Flexout is a one way ticket to a technical rolling paradise. The production outfit known as Data 3 has been cranking out some serious tunes recently and this time around no different. This one is jam packed with the whole array of serious production skills.

#8 LQ – Keep Hiding

Soulvent is back and keeping the quality as high as ever with LQ’s beautiful new single. The Bulgarian Badboys are new to the scene but are definitely ones to watch. Keep Hiding lays down a soulful and upbeat sound with a gorgeous backing of instrumentals. Control takes you deeper with a massive bassline while still retaining composure and grace with this big bodied atmospheric belter.

#9 LFS087 – Thematic – Sunset/Before Sunrise

Lifestyle keeping the rollers on lock with the addition of Thematic who has been producing some high quality tunes as of late. Thematic deals in the deeper department and he does it good.

#10 Akuratyde – Past Lives LP

Newcomer to the scene American producer Akuratyde is bringing an stunning new LP 3 years in the making onto Blu Mar Ten’s imprint. This is an undertaking of epic proportions and this is a MUST listen for fans of all sub genres as it covers the depths of liquid and halftime and deep luschious drum and bass. Stay tuned to bestdrumandbass.com for more coverage of Akuratyde in the future. For now you absolutely need to listen to this.




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