Two For One…

by | Apr 11, 2016 | Tunes

Normally I just do one track per review but today I am going to do something a bit different, and tell you about two songs. Not only are the two songs from two solid producers that are really hitting their stride right now and are making some really great music, but these two songs are also free. I know there is a healthy debate about whether or not people should be giving away music, but that discussion is for another day. These two songs are free, and they are just in time for a spring and full of deep funkiness.

“Together Now” from Basic Forces is a moody beast. The first half is filled with a more spacious, sparse break, hypnotizing keys, an echoing female vocal sample, and atmospherics. The second half of the song sees the break and percussions pick up a touch into a more traditional drum and bass break to help roll out the song. A great song to transition any set or to stand on its own to just simply enjoy listening to.

“Creep” by TLC gets the bootleg liquid remix courtesy of Melinki. Besides the fact that the music Melinki is onto right now is so well rounded and full of so much musicality, he also has the ability to pull off so many spot on reworks of amazing tunes. He actually first hit my radar a few years back with another bootleg remix he did of an XX song. He hits another home rum with this one. He will give it away for free once it hits 1000 plays, so be sure to give it a go so we can all add this to the collection of amazing music for this spring and summers soundtracks and into many years to come!

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