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Bass heads of tomorrow, welcome back to my by-weekly 1 in 10! Tribal Mage here with my favorite eleven tracks during the last two weeks of September twenty seventeen. Quite a few new labels and names on this week’s list as well as some returning favorites that always know how to keep my ears and feet happy. As per usual we have plenty of liquid and jungle tunes with a few down and dirty bangers. So in the name of good music lets get this week’s list started off sooner rather than later.

10.)I Hear Your Voice feat. Koiti – Oliver Ferrer : We Luv Kids [LuvDisaster Records]

Oliver Ferrer and Koiti head off on this week’s chart with their tune, “I Hear Your Voice,” on LuvDisater Records. The funky rhythms and subtle amen beat paired with the hypnotizing soulful voice of Koiti are disastrously catchy and have been constantly stuck in my head these past few weeks. This track’s fun, feel good vibe is sure to create “Luv” on any dancefloor.

9.)Stuntin – Quentin Hiatus : Never Ender EP [Translation Recordings]

This one is truly a gem of unique sound design and creative composition. “Stuntin,” by Quentin Hiatus, is a deep journey filled with torrents of percussive fills, sinking pad synths, and stuttering bass. What really shines in “Stuntin” is how every element blends together to create this fullness yet give you the feeling that you’re still empty.

8.)Devil(Benny L Remix) – Pola & Bryson : The Time Last Year: The Remixes [Soulvent Records]

Benny L is name that has been rising fast in the world of Drum & Bass. With releases on Hospital Records, Audioporn, Mayan Audio, Soulvent Records, and his most recent on Metalheadz he has surely fund success with his unique and well designed sound. Benny’s remix of Pola & Bryson’s track “Devil” has been shaking dancefloors for the past two weeks now. This remix starts us off with a classic rave feel as we sink into the gritty abyss of swelling distorted synth, rolling bass, and a vocal hook that reminds us how devilish Benny’s sound truly is.

7.)Comfort Zone – Moralz : Stone Cold EP [Free Love Digi]

Moralz and Free Love Digi have stolen my ears with the sultry bass track, “Comfort Zone.” Lush atmospheres are combined with aquatic sinking bells before we are greeted by warm bass movement and oscillating synth distortion. This tune has been a great transitional piece in many of my sets due to it’s versatility and wonderful energy switch halfway through its entirety. Moralz has definitely made a way on to my radar for the future.

6.)We Are the People – Break, MC Fats & Cleveland Watkiss : We Are The People [Symmetry Recordings]

Break, MC Fats & Cleveland Watkiss really have something special here on Symmetry Recordings. “We Are the People” is an bouncy, soulful roller by this match made in heaven. Loaded with Break’s impeccable sound design and mastering skills plus MC Fats & Cleveland Watkiss’s timeless vocals, this is a surefire track in any set, at any party, on any stage. Do yourself the favor of grabbing this whole EP. Your fans, and feet, will thank you for it.

5.)All I Do – T>I : MACII Presents PIECES Sessions 2 [Mac 2 Digital]

T>I hits the dancefloor hard with his recent heater, “All I DO,” from the Pieces Sessions 2 compilation. The amen fills, catchy vocal hooks, and big bouncing bass on this one are sure to get the crowd going at any event. Be sure the check out the rest of this 18 track release because this isn’t the only hot one in the bunch.

4.)Always Something feat. Fox – FD : Always Something [The North Quarter]

The North Quarter has been on a roll with each and every release this year and FD’s album teaser, “Always Something,” is only continuing this motion forward. Beautiful piano chords and lush synths set the scene for Fox’s heart felt story as soft rolling bass gives warmth to your soul in this liquid masterpiece. I can’t wait to see what FD has in store for the full album release.

3.)Vanta – Sully : Escape [Keystone Recordings]

I love when Sully visit his jungle roots. His unique take on the genre is refreshing with just the right amount of nostalgia. “Vanta,” on Keystone Recordings, is an amen beater ridden with stretched out sounds, desolate atmospheric synths, stomping bass beats, and vocal hooks reminding us why we all need jungle in our life.

2.)Witchdoctor feat. Ornette Hawkins – Rude Operator : Witchdoctor EP [ThirtyOne Recordings]

This DC duo has found their way into my library with style on their most recent release from ThirtyOne Recordings. Title track “Witchdoctor” has been in my crate of tunes from its release and I don’t plan on taking it out anytime soon. Loaded with tribal timpani drums, funky bass riffs, and jazz influenced horns that have been stirring up feet on dancefloors everywhere.

1.)Tim Reaper : Interrupt [Uncertified Music]

So let me start by saying that I am a Tim Reaper fanatic. I own almost every track he as ever released and it is due to his ability to constantly put out quality jungle/drum&bass music. His most recent appearance on Uncertified Music is with a release named, “Interrupt.” This is the label’s seventh release in five months which also how long the label has been putting music into the ethos. This two track EP is balanced representation of skill that shown through the fast moving hardcore tune, “Swarm Intelligence,” and piano stricken liquid roller, “22c.”
“Swarm Intelligence” is comprised of Tim’s classic sound and composition style. The use of ambient jungle samples, slamming amen breaks, and sinking bass beats create a frenzy of sound that will light up any dancefloor. On the flip side we have “22c” where Tim is joined by Charlie Turbo, another artist gaining popularity in my library. Pianos and arpeggiated synths steal the show in this tune giving it the somber feel of a rainy day. Complimented by longing vocals and rolling basslines, “22c” will lift you off into a world of deep meditation.

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