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Welcome back to another 1 in 10, bass heads. Not much to say for our brief introduction on this month’s first segment. September has been shaping up nicely with many full album releases on the table for the first half of the month plus a slew of dope EP’s. So let just get right on into this week’s list and let the music speak for itself.

10.)Hollow Eyes – BCee : Northpoint [Spearhead Records]

Label head BCee has made some amazing leaps with his fourth album titled “Northpoint.” From fan funding that help made this album a reality to the finished product of a beautifully crafted, well mastered piece of sonic vibrations. Other than the Generations (Remastered) mix, tune “Hollow Eyes” is without a doubt the “go to” for me on this album. Big round sub riffs, classic BCee synth beauty, and just enough breaks to give the track movement while still keeping the Spearhead vibe.

9.)Symbols – Bereneces : Symbols EP Vol.1 [T3K Recordings]

Bereneces has become a name that is showing up more and more frequently in my crates of tunes. On his “Symbols EP Vol.1” you can get a great idea of his signature dark style. Title track “Symbols” is filled with chugging drum breaks, thick thumping basslines, and a drowned pulsing synth lead gives this track a sense of exploration into the dark abyss.

8.)Badman Nuh Ya Friend – Riffz : Badman Nuh Ya Friend EP [Sequel One Records]

Riffz making his debut on Sequel One’s catalog with the jungle beats of “Badman Nuh Ya Friend EP.” Again we look right towards the title track as shines through this EP with speed and purpose. Chanting ragga vocals and conga breaks combined with dubby basslines and amen breaks make this a perfect jungle energy builder with great moments of stomping amen release.

7.)Control Information – Gerra & Stone : Polarism LP [Dispatch Recordings]

Dispatch’s old friends and well known duo, Gerra & Stone, just released their first studio album, Polarism, and lets just say it’s everything you’d want from this gnarly team. “Control Information” is a racing D&B tune that has been causing hysteria on dancefloors across the world. With its snapping snare hits, fuzzy bouncing bass, and metallic synth leads its easy to see why this has become an instant favorite.

6.)Root Sound – Jake Robertz : Not Deaf Yet [Muti Music]

A couple of new names for me on this pick. Both Jake Robertz and Muti Music land at number six with tune “Root Sound.” This jungle/juke rocker is filled with flexing sub bass, chanting vocal hooks, and varying tempos that give this track the versatility to shine in any situation.

5.)Right Back – Ordure : WAVE009 [Flexout Audio]

The “WAVE” series from Flexout Audio strikes again with Ordure at the helm of the ninth release. “Right Back” is a heavy halftime blaster carried by distorted synth chords, pounding bass, and eerie atmospheric undertones that build energy for the storm to come. If you haven’t been on top of these releases from Flexout, please do yourself the favor and check out their back catalog, here. You’ll be glad you did.

4.)Whoop! VIP – Will Miles – Modal LP [Elm Imprint]

Elm Imprint making the list again, this week with Will Miles track, “Whoop! VIP,” which comes from his first full album release, Modal. This jungle ripper starts us off with piano chords and “Whoop!” samples that gradually leads us toward crashing amen highs, sinking sub bass, and tastefully placed samples of “Down” soulfully chanting in rhythm.

3.)Trigger Warning (Fracture Remix) – Technimatic : Technimatic Remixed [Shogun Audio]

Fracture is back at it again with a banging remix of Technimatic’s tune, “Trigger Warning.” This remix is fashioned in the signature Fracture style with big pulsating sub lines, a soulful reprieve to break the madness, and clean drum breaks that hover the line between foorwork and jungle. An all around great remix of an already slamming tune.

2.)Days Gone – Fybe:one : New Soul Music EP [Diffrent Music]

Landing at number two this week is a deep rolling tune from the likes of Fybe:one on the label, Diffrent Music. The “New Soul Music EP,” two years in the making, was a special release for the label with a few collaborations from Hyroglifics and Sense MC. My pick for this week’s list is a track named “Days Gone,” but I highly recommend checking out the full EP at Diffrent Music’s Bandcamp page. “Days Gone” leads you to place of mysticism and calm as you drift away with warm, oscillating bass followed by synth crescendos and lingering wind chimes in the distance.

1.)Dead Man’s Chest : Trilogy Dubs Vol.1 [Ingredients Records]
I can’t tell you how happy I am that these dubs are getting a digital release. Ingredients Records released the “Trilogy Dubs” series earlier this year on a limited ten inch run right around the same time they released a dope mix tape of Dead Man’s Chest tunes previously from the label. As you can see I fancied Vol.1 the most out of the three part series due to the capability and strength of the single ten inch in any set. On the A side we have seductive heavyweight, “Tears (Fantazia version).”

This tune is a serious belter with soul at its core. Driven by vocal hooks, synth stabs, and rich basslines this track is all brought together by Dead Man’s Chest’s common theme of keeping jungle beats below the 80BPM range. On the flip side we are met with “Rinsa,” a tune aptly named for it’s vibe.

Jungle breaks are met with distorted rave synth leads, samples of “Rinsa” chanting rhythmically, and sub lines that bring you down only so they can lift you back up. This is a perfect beat to create time for rest while never losing groove or energy.
Dead Man’s Chest is definitely a name worth keeping tabs on in the future so keep your eyes and ears open for forthcoming material.

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