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Welcome back, Readers!! Are you ready for this weeks 1 in 10?! Tribal Mage here and let me start by saying, July is shaping up to be another great month for drum & bass listeners everywhere. This week is packed with the funkiest beats around as well as some smooth and some rugged. I’d like to take moment to encourage YOU, the reader, to leave feedback in the comment section below. Let me know which tune was your favorite or show some love when your favorite label is on the list. It is always nice to hear from other passionate people who love music just as much as I do. Now, onto this week’s 1 in 10!

10.)Various Artists : Reflections Volume 1 [Warm Communications]

So for this weeks 1 in 10 I’d like to talk about Texas based label, Warm Communications. On the 3rd of this month they released their first compilation album of tunes that really have defined their unique sound over the 17 years they’ve been putting out music. With artists such as Seba, Lynx, Need For Mirrors, Paradox, Break, Total Science, Mako, Villem, Fracture and much more on the roster you can already tell that the quality of this label is top notch. With dark rockers like Therapy, You Gave Up My Love, and Whatever Whatever to the soul drenched styles of So Addicted feat. Grimm, Make Tomorrow feat. Totum, and Sesi Mirage this is one label compilation you don’t want to miss out on. Stay tuned for volume 2 in the near future!

9.)Thoughts & Stars – HDG : Thoughts & Stars EP [C.Recordings]

Imagine getting ready for your first flight into space. A brief moment of clarity takes hold of your mind before the launch sequence reaches zero. Lifted into the stratosphere you are met with resistance until you break through the exosphere. You’re heart relaxes and a wave of calm comes over you as the shuttle floats through the infinite void that is space. HDG creates a sound scape for your mind in the vastness of space with his tune, Thoughts & Stars. Give it a listen and you’ll understand exactly what I’m talking about.

8.)Hydro Soul – Dave Owen : Ridin’ High EP [Soul Trader Records]

If you read last weeks top 10 then you should already know that 2017 is going to be big for Dave Owen. Wasting no time with the dope tunes he is back again for this weeks top 10 with his tune, Hydro Soul. Jazzy vibes from start to finish paired with groovy bass and lite breaks. Definitely let this one run because it only gets better as it reaches its end.

7.)Apollyon – Section : Say It Again/Apollyon [Locked Up Music]

Locked Up Music pushing some power on their second catalog release from the likes of Section. Apollyon is a head rocker for the dark and broody. Distorted synths, haunting bass, and vocals to remind you of the devil within.

6.)How We Roll – Samurai Breaks & Vyking : Champaign Club [Electrikal Records]

Samurai Breaks & Vyking cutting up the funky beats with their track, How We Roll. Tight drum breaks, jazzy piano rhythms, and vocals that’ll light the dancefloor up in style.

5.)Jitters – Dabs & Was A Be : Thor (Break Remix)/Jitters [Avantgarde Recordings]

Dabs & Was A Be bringing the ravey jungle beater your way with their release on Avantgarde. Jitters is jam packed with chopped breaks, heavy distorted sub drops, and electric synth stabs. This tune is sure to get the floor ready for the heavier side of things.

4.)Losing My Soul – Monty : Modern Soul 3 LP [Vandal Limited]

Last 1 in 10 we visited Shield’s tune on the modern soul 3 LP sampler. With its full release this month I want to make note of Monty’s liquid funk roller, Losing My Soul. Atmospheric chords, snapping snares, and perfectly matched vocals put this at #4.

3.)The Flavour – Lurch & Anthony Kasper : The Flavour EP [Soul Deep Exclusives]

Lurch & Anthony Kasper, two names in the scene who need no introduction, team up with Soul Deep Recordings to bring you their hip-hop infused tune, The Flavour. Soulful piano complimented by saxophone lead us off as we are greeted by samples of “MVP”, a Big L classic. Driven by funky bass with spurts of distortion for extra flare, this one is sure to get the crowd bouncing.

2.)Monkey Donkey – Frame : Natural Sound [The Dreamers Recordings]

So I’d first like to start off by saying that this whole release is well worth checking out. Song of note for me is Monkey Donkey. This track just emanates fun! Bouncing basslines, spiraling synth leads, and monkey screech samples are a recipe for hyped joy. Thank you, Frame!

1.)Changing – nCamargo : Goodwill [Soul Deep Digital]

Soul Deep Recordings making a second appearance on this week’s list. Liquid visionary, nCamargo killing it with his feel good roller, Changing. Lush sweeping atmospheric tones, groovy rolling subs, and synth leads that sound like they were taken right out of the Total Science catalog. Pure vibes on this one.

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