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Hello again, dance friends. Tribal Mage here with my favorite nine tracks from the end of july along with my favorite release too! As summer is getting closer and closer to its end we can expect to see a bit more grit, a bit more funk, and a touch of darkness in tracks as we count down the days to fall. This week’s chart reflects these weather changes with tunes from AGBO, Nuphlo, and Tim Reaper along with labels like Innerground, 36 Hertz, and Biological Beats. As our brief introduction comes to a close I’d just like to say thanks to all those read and enjoy these lists and be sure to leave a comment down below about your favorite track, artist, or label. Now, on to some beats!

10.)Powertool – Dorian & Skore : Powertool/Be Afraid [Mainframe Recordings]

Incoming gritty dancefloor rocker from Dorian & Skore. Powertool is starting off this week’s list. Jam packed with distorted synths, heavy bass, and perfect vocals about “what we think is cool”. This one is sure to shake any foundation.

9.)Rumba Box – Nuphlo : Digital Culture Clash [Studio Rockers]

So if you’ve been reading past 1 in 10’s you should already know about Nuphlo. He has just recently released a full length LP with a slew of sick beats. Rumba Box instantly grabbed my ear with it’s infectious vocal hook, scattered breaks, and synth blips. A great track to transition into other vibes.

8.)Gravity – AGBO : Gravity [OCT:LTD]

Dubby roller pressure coming from AGBO and his tune, Gravity. Thick low end, middle eastern string samples, and snapping snare hits give this a great opening vibe.

7.)Reality – Aries, Ras Lion, Navigator & Mish Maybe : Reality/King’s Road Dub [Higher Ground Recordings]

First release coming from the folks at Higher Ground Recordings. Reality has been on constant rotation for my summer sets. Classic jungle breaks, big bass and ragga vocals from Ras Lion, Navigator & Mish Maybe. Just remember “Junglist, it is a feeling.”

6.)Borders (Double O Remix) – Charlie Turbo : Borders EP [Rupture LDN]

Double O on the remix tip for Charlie Turbo’s Borders. Liquid atmo jungle vibes pretty much sums up this stellar remix. Lush synth chords, torrents of drum breaks, and echoing mesmerizing vocals. Double O is one name to keep an eye out for.

5.)Sirens – Flaco : Survivors/Believe It/Sirens [Prestige Music]

NorCal native, Flaco has been hard at work this year. His most recent release on Prestige Music is a clear indication of such. Flaco’s tune Sirens is a great clash of converging styles. Using deep atmospheric pads, soaring lead synths that’ll have you lost in the blue sky only to be grounded by shocking resonating basslines. This one is sure to keep the party on its toes.

4.)Violet – Bou & Telekom : Poison [Biological Beats]

Straight jump up funk fire coming from Bou & Telekom on label, Biological Beats. Violet hits the floor hard with minimalist drums, thundering distorted leads, and just the right amount of bass to keep body’s shaking.

3.)Tim Reaper : One Style EP [Mettāsonic Recordings]
Tim Reaper is an artist that can do no wrong in my eyes. His level of production quality and eye for detail are among some of the best in the game. His most recent 4 track release on Mettāsonic lives up to this flawless reputation.

Opening track, straight forward, takes hold with muddied kick drums, sinister low end, and well placed highs to create a dark rolling landscape.

Up next is the tune Excursions which is a great energy builder for any mix. Swelling harmonious synth leads and basslines plus tight chopped up breaks give this a clean and simple feel with master crafted sound and arrangement. Following Excursions is the mad driver, One Style.

With its rolling bass, whipping highs, and building breaks this one is sure to keep the flow. Last but not least we have the final track, The 4th.

This is without a doubt my favorite track on the EP. Uplifting piano leads, lush spacey atmospheric tones, funky drum breaks, and bouncing basslines take you on a sweet soulful jungle journey.

2.)Warlock – Dirtbag : Wingsuit/Warlock [Innerground Records]

Innerground Records has been one of my favored labels for quite some time now. Dirtbag’s latest grimy beat, Warlock, has been on constant rotation in my sets with no intention of leaving anytime soon. Funked up groovy basslines and distorted synth stabs are skillfully woven with just the right amount of drum breaks land this tune at #2.

1.)Defect – Vince Rollin : Deep State [36 Hertz Recordings]

At the end of this week’s list we have Vince Rollin and his track, Defect. This one is no-brainer for any jungle fan. Slamming amen breaks, thick sub rifts, and a pleasurable blend of atmospheric and distorted synths make this a tune worthy of a rewind in any mix.

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