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Hello again, break enthusiasts!! Tribal Mage here with my 1 in 10 for the last two weeks of June. Just want to start off by apologizing for my late publication. July hit like a ton of bricks and I’ve been slowly catching up on all of my backed up work. Being the last two weeks of June I thought I would fill this with some more of my favorite summer vibe tunes of the month matched with a few rougher and tougher stuff for the late night sets. So lets not wast anymore time, since I’ve wasted so much already, and lets dive into this week’s 1 in 10!

10.)Losing Time – Critycal Dub : Losing Time EP [Liquid Drops Recordings]

Critycal Dub and Liquid Drops team up for my first pick, Losing Time. This EP’s self titled track is one of note with it’s mellow piano chords, rolling dub bass line, full kicks and infectious claps this is sure to start the night off right.

9.)Love You More – Nuphlo : Mountains/Love You More [Studio Rockers]

Beautiful tune incoming from Nuphlo called, Love You More. This bittersweet desert journey is littered with guitar riffs, effect ridden drums, and mesmerizing vocals. Be sure to check out the whole EP with Remixes from Moresounds and Landslides.

8.)Skippy Vinyl – Shield : Modern Soul 3 LP Sampler [Vandal Limited]

Jazzy funk hip hop beat. Five words that sum up Shield’s track, Skippy Vinyl. Encompassed with horn samples, soulful piano keys, syncopated distorted synths and jazzy bass, this tune is sure to keep the chill summer vibe alive.

7.)Dead Steps – Anapa : Dead Steps/Come Wi Dat [Terabyte Records]

Landing at #7 is the stomping darkness that is, Dead Steps. Anapa has filled this tune with thundering gritty synths, slamming tribal percussion and pumping bass to create an ominous feeling of sinking into the abyss.

6.)Vector – Monika : Vector/Bahn [Soulvent Records]

Soulvent Records getting their hand on the extremely well talented Monika. Her tune, Vector, creates a lush spaced out landscape where arpeggiated synths, flowing low frequency bass, and classic breaks lift you above the clouds into the vast fields of stars. Be sure to stay on Monika’s releases as I only see this artist gaining movement in the coming years.

5.)Raised In The Jungle (Rinse Out Mix) – DJ Hybrid feat. Haribo : Deeper Into The Jungle [Deep In The Jungle Records]

Heavy bass champ, DJ Hybrid, does it again with his stompah, Raised In The Jungle. Paired with Haribo on the mic, this rinse out mix is sure to get the crowd wild. Low end driven beats, snapping snare hits, and scattered sirens land this tune at #5.

4.)Jawbreaker – Doctor Jeep : Jawbreaker EP [Aufect Recordings]

Aufect is back again with their leading sound in halftime bass. Doctor Jeep makes his return with energy building tune, Jawbreaker. Marching kick drums, ring mod synth leads, and catchy percussive highs give this the forward thinking vibe that Aufect is becoming known for.

3.)Go Away (Drowning Pain) – Blade : Hidden In The Crates Vol.1 [Smooth N Groove Records]

Blade is a personal favorite of mine. His tunes over the years have always found a way into my sets one way or another. This particular compilation from Smooth N Groove Records shows why he consistently catches my ear. Paired with 24 other tunes, Go Away (Drowning Pain) is the highlight for this stacked compilation. Well composed breaks, infectious soulful vocals, and groovy jungle bass will keep the floor moving and longing for more.

2.)Bossman – Beast Mode : Bossman EP [Killa Dubz]

Beast Mode living true to their name with the title track, Bossman, on their newest EP from Serial Killaz label, Killa Dubz. Classic amen jungle drums, chanting ragga vocals, and dancehall bass lines make this rewind worthy tune one that will be in crates for days to come.

1.)Dave Owen & T.R.A.C. : Bossin’ Ova EP [Liquid V Recordings]
Of course for my last #1 in the month of June we have proper summer party vibes from Dave Owen & T.R.A.C. This match made in heaven has graced our presence once before on Liquid V and needless to say I’m just as excited the second time around.
First on this duel track EP is the title tune, Bossin’ Ova, which also includes badman David Boomah!

Drenched in bossa nova soul from start to finish. Setting the vibe we’re carried in with bass guitar and organ chords only to be found by T.R.A.C. and his slick rhymes. Add in the uplifting guitar licks and soulful chants of David Boomah and this one will be in the summer crate for years to come.
On the flip side, this wonder duo is met with the ever sultry Charlie Brix.

This late night feel good tune is sure to bring the crowd together with its chanting chorus, classic Dave Owen piano work, warm rolling bass, and of course T.R.A.C.’s killer vocal rhythms.
Keep an eye out for the these two US artists if you haven’t added them to your radar already. Dave Owen and T.R.A.C. will be making big waves for the rest of 2017 and you won’t want to miss out!!

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