Composure – One For The Massive


High energy, explosive sounds, intricately layered effects…. these are all hallmarks of drum and bass. Los Angeles based Composure has been regularly showcasing his mastery of all this; whether its through his live mixes at events like CAMP TRIP or Drumslinga, or his productions on labels like Divination Recordings, you know you are always in for something that will blow your mind – This is especially true on his latest track, “One For The Massive.”

Winding up from the start using a climbing synth riff paired with a vocal sample, it collides into a driving drum pattern that perfectly sets the stage for the massive foghorn drop. As the song kicks into full gear, all of the layers come together in that special kind of way that make people fall in love with drum and bass: It has that massive heaviness few producers achieve (the one which grabs your attention the first time you hear it) but also employs that deft yet subtle touch – the kind that makes a truly great track a joy to listen to over and over.

Well known for his love of the underground as well as his commitment to paving the way for its future, this track truly brings that all to life with its rumbling bass line that recalls both yesterday and tomorrow in one fell swoop. And those moments when the foghorn stutters, it creates a tension and release sensation that you know will drive any dance-floor into a frenzy. It’s a track that refuses to let up to the very end, and even then does so at just the right moment.

A landmark track that reveals the potent force LA has now become in the DnB scene, make sure you scoop this one up ASAP. Available on your favorite platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and Soundcloud, don’t let it pass you by!!

One For The Massive


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