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The theme of community is at the core of drum and bass, and has been a major factor in its rising poularity and how it has developed. One label especially tuned into this is Rebel Music, founded and run by none other than Ben Green aka OB1. And their most recent release, Rebel One, is the perfect representation of that.

“We got the LP together in 48 hours,” explains Green. It was a real team effort to do something in hard times. We made the album available for free so that anyone financially affected by the Covid-19 situation can still enjoy it. While also providing the option to pay with any donations going to the charity. One track is from every Rebel Music artist. The track list correlates to the release schedule with the last four tracks coming from artist with upcoming EP’s.”

And the diverse range of artists and production on this release is mind blowing.:

NC-17 starts the album out with some menacing vibes on “God Complex.” The deep rhythm of the sub bass and techy layered drum work bring the past and present together in the best way possible.

Science of Man bring out some heartfelt liquid with “Second Look.” Filled to the brim with luscious atmospherics, blissed out vocals, and silky-smooth drum work, it’ll warm your heart even in the coldest times.

Following this up is the banging track by Confusious entitled “Quality Control.” This is a heavy number, chugging along with a hypnotic bass line and perfectly timed snap of the snare that make it impossible to focus on anything but the music.

Finding the deepest sub tones of bass is a huge part of this genre, and “Forgotten Lands” by Omega Point brings out some of the lowest around. The entire track is a wonderful exploration and one of those tunes that ignites the mind and the body.

Creatures, the king of the kick drum, reveals himself next on the weighty tune “The Unknown.” The monstrous bass line pairs perfectly with the kick, creating an addictive vibe you never want to end.

“Vibrations” by Tephra and Arkoze is too aptly titled, as it’s laser focused bass line vibrates the inner walls of your soul. Rolling drums and eerie FX reinforce it, as it all carries you to the nether regions of bass.

Sci-fi inspired themes are a huge part of DNB history, and Dark Ops brings us a track that reminds why that is with “Sequence.” Overwhelming bass, fierce drums, and insect sounding FX all combine to bring us a seriously deadly one.

A perfectly executed buildup is a thing of beauty; Kolectiv flex their skills on “Come to Me (featuring Shady Novelle.” Using the interplay between the vocals, rhythm, and layers of effects, the song seamlessly builds tension and release for a truly epic musical journey.

Deep and dark, “Out of Dodge” by RMS seeks to overwhelm the senses. It’s a minimal tune that hits hard, using intense repetition to reinforce its unique sound that leaves you craving more before it even ends.

Next up is the man himself OB1, bringing us the uplifting vibes of “The Pianist.” The heavy surging beat, melodic motif, and infectious bass line make this a powerful number which inspires optimism towards what the future of music has in store for us.

“Callidiscope” by Taelimb infiltrates our ears next, and this one is pure madness. The huge wobbling bassline, the intricate pattern of the drums, and tripped out FX all combine to create a track that bends the mind every which way.

On “Forever Today,” Skuff takes us on a melancholic introspective journey. The longing vocals and melodic motif cause the mind to drift off while the deep hum of the bass drags deeper into a feeling of floating in space.

Inner Terrain take the experimental route in crafting “Analog Alone.” The continuous rhythm sounds like them knocking on the door to your head, as the bassline rises in an endless loop and makes you feel like its always been a part of you.

Warping us into the land of the infectiously weird, Convex gives us “Goober.” Filled with a mutated vocal sample, a catchy rhythm, and seemingly endless number of layers weaving in and out of each other, it catches you off guard how infectious it is.

The fluid sounds of Whycheck’s “Southside” come drifting in next. The fast-paced beat counterpoints the ambient sound of the synths, with the warm frequency of the bass carrying you along and showcases the elasticity this genre of music truly possesses.

“Psychosis” by Hadley starts off with a rolling beat that builds and builds into jazz territory. Yet when the drop hits, it becomes a very deep roller with a funky bass line that refuses to let go.

On “One Day” by Equilibr1um, we get one of those tunes that instantly hits that sweet spot between fresh production and dancefloor vibes. The interplay between the bassline and rhythm is impossible to resist, yet it scratches that itch for something new with the way it makes use of elements from the dark side of Dnb.

Closing out the release is “Warmth” by Spratto. A minimal track through and through, the heavy and dark vibes of this number showcases the power simplicity carries in making a banging tune.

Available through the Rebel Music bandcamp, this is a killer release that illustrates the strength in a community that works together. This is not a release you want to miss out on!!

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