Alter Ego ‘End of Time EP’ [Formation Records]

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Formation Records is keeping the drum and bass flowing on the regular this year and they’re pulling out all the stops with the next release hot off the presses from Alter Ego; supercharged with a little extra aggression on the ‘End of Time EP’. Now is the time to break this beast apart and see what’s inside the ride. Let’s get deep into the ‘End of Time EP’.

“Good to You”

Slinky synths bubble in over deep atmospherics in the cinematic start on “Good to You”. Volatile basslines and energetic effects cut the composition with a deep dose of dub forcing their way through the build. Vibrant vocalizations join the escapade as they skyrocket the energy alongside feverishly building beats for a powerful explosion about to ensue. An all out annihilation of the dance floor awaits as snappy rhythms punch through the measures with potent precision. The bassline maintains control driving through the phrases shattering the sound waves and accelerating the mix as they smash and slash amidst perfectly placed effects and melodies in this high energy dance floor banger. “Good to You” destroys the boundaries of drum and bass and utilizes the evolution of modern sound design for a top tier head turning track.

“Kick Up Rumpus”

Fiery horns explode through the build, forceful and bright, boasting heavy Reggae Jungle vibes as a groovy beat builds alongside kicking “Kick Up Rumpus” into high gear from the start. A mystical melody pumps feel good vibes into the composition and be prepared for explosive energy at the drop! “Kick Up Rumpus” detonates with dangerous bass that blasts and twists through the segments fueling the low ends as the rhythm ricochets in machine gun fashion amidst the beastly brass keeping the stamina running high. With solid structure and a smooth, melodic flow variations between the measures keep the mix moving as the bouncing basslines pursue their aggressive surge. Alter Ego has implemented modern techniques with nostalgic flare making “Kick Up Rumpus” a spirited selection for any show.

“End of Time”

Melodies stalk the build waiting for the “End of Time” in suspenseful disarray as shivering synths burst between. The rhythm begins to seethe as the highs pulse with dynamic hostility teasing the balance between the buzz of the lows. Electricity erupts at the drop as the bass engulfs the measures vibrating warmly with vicious intensity, stretching and shocking as it commands control of the song. An intelligently composed beat pattern adds intricate flare as the phrases are overflowing with detail between brilliant break patterning, sharp snares, sic fills, sinister synths, flashy effects and mind bending high ends for the ultimate scope of range in the mix. Big sound and big energy set “End of Time” apart from the rest; a superior selection for a perfect blend.

“Tomb of the Pharaoh”

Alter Ego fashions an authentic intro that pulls a cultural energy and vibes from the first beat on “Tomb of the Pharaoh”. An animated narrative winds through the build spinning a tale as the intensity increases driving toward the drop. A smooth composition unfolds pouring through the phrases as it flows flawlessly yet still punchy with a hint of neurofunk flare. Attention to detail in the structure of this track delivers innovative sounds with interesting ideas melding melodies and machines in this hybrid display of drum and bass. Fresh, funky and fun “Tomb of the Pharaoh” will get the job done!

Get your copy of Alter Ego’s ‘End of Time EP’ on Formation Records out now!


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