2Whales ‘Zero Gravity / Blastah Bang feat. CVPELLV’ [High Resistance]

by | Jan 20, 2022 | Reviews, Tunes

It’s no secret the staff at Best Drum and Bass keeps close tabs on 2Whales with their distinctive style hitting countless features and podcasts on the site as well as this week’s AOTW Spotlight. Bottom line: 2Whales is always in our crosshairs and their next release on High Resistance out this Friday is no exception to that rule. Let’s take a listen to the latest from 2Whales; “Zero Gravity” and “Blastah Bang” ft. CVPELLV and see what’s in store for the dnb world!


Subdued synths and dark beats resonate through the intro on “Zero Gravity”, pulsing and rising as the build flows on conducting the mood. A symphonic sea of sounds crashes through continuing the surge as the anticipation heightens cranking the energy before the drop. In your face aggression overflows as “Zero Gravity” is blasted into a barrage of grungy, broken basslines and malevolent melodies that run rabid as it ravages through the measures. A real womper stomper of a track “Zero Gravity” is a prime track to boost the mix to the next level!

“Blastah Bang” ft. CVPELLV harbors a different energy as riveting rhythms control the build, electrifying effects blazing between. Broken and steppy the vibe carries with a quick break allowing the melody to take control as the composition rebuilds the energy with its sullen, threatening mood. The drop erupts into an array of basslines that rumble through the phrases wrapping around harmonic highs and beastly fills as the melody rides on. “Blastah Bang” exhibits expertly composted beat patterns with next level vibes brings that technical bounce to the mix, this is where it’s at to blast the bins and shake down the room.


Grab your copy of “Zero Gravity” and “Blastah Bang” from 2Whales on High Resistance out this Friday exclusive to Beatport and Spotify.








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