4mulate – Alternation EP (Modular Carnage Recordings)

by | Mar 6, 2017 | Tunes

If you read a lot of the reviews on here, you will notice that we have a diverse selection of drum and bass, and we always strive to share what we feel is the best new and exciting music out there with you. It just so happens that 4mulate is making some pretty upfront music that hits that mark. His latest release is out as of last Friday on Modular Carnage Recordings. With so much noise and filler out there, I have a soft spot for labels that follow their own instincts and work with artists they enjoy. Labels that build their catalog and reputation by what is put out, not just by who they put out. Now in their fourth year of releases, they are proving that following ones own style and point of view will yield the best results. With artists such as D Flect, Fragment, Neothrope, Escape, and more, they are pushing some serious deep and forward thinking sounds as they blend elements of the deeper side of drum and bass with the drive, emotion, and technical side of modern neurofunk. This latest release from 4mulate adds to this unique and personal niche they have been cultivating. It is a two tracker featuring “Deceiver” and “Alternation” they are showcasing the signature sounds of 4mulate you may be familiar with from his releases on Abducted Ltd., Schedule One, Dissected Culture and others.

Aggressive pitched up snares build in the into of “Deceiver” as the main break is introduced with its galloping percussions, a razor sharp high hat, and raw mechanical twisting bass stabs that tear right through the heart of this track. This one has something to prove and you better get out of its way when it gets loose. “Alternation” introduces cybernetic filtered synths and bass sweeps scanning the landscape waiting to be set free on to the listener. As the main synth sound’s signal is introduced, the drums build and roll out to drop a full force rinse out. A call and response unfolds between the synths and growing metallic bass that is relentless and will cause anyone in earshot to feel the funk. Both of these tracks are ready for the prime time and ensuring 4mulates place in the next generation of tech fueled producers. Get to know their music if you like your soundtrack full of energy and funk.

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