5 Questions With MetalWork & His Latest EP On Subway Soundz

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Forthcoming the Subway Soundz campgrounds is the first official full release from the man Metalwork. For some reason, I can not stop talking about Low Down Deep releases let alone its sister labels. Back in June Ego Trippin and their full album titled “All City” hit the digital market place by storm. Everyone is rinsing the duo’s bits I promise you, this is not just a statement it is a fact. For the month of July Subsonic’s tune Shaolin made My Beatport Chart and the mix and a column all within a weeks time, seriously impressive extended play and If I am in the booth or on stage Bassface Sascha’s title tune Obey is guaranteed a rinse. Right now we have an EP so serious we had no choice but to get familiar with Metalwork so if you wanted to learn more and keep up on The Low Down Agenda just search Low Down Deep and Subway Soundz on our website BestDrumAndBass.com.

dEEb: We have seen quite the handful of releases as Metal Work and Envenom both over the years. What sets this extended play apart from your previous releases?

Metalwork: I think previously under the name Envenom I was making a lot of music to suit a specific style, now I have combined all my styles under one name it makes things a lot easier for me and for labels who want to put out varying styles. This release in particular is my first full official release under the Metal Work name and to do so with Logan D over at Subway Soundz is an honor.

dEEb: You have collaborated in the liquid side of things, but now that you have stepped into the Jump Up spectrum of sound as Metal Work, who do you see yourself collaborating with or rather who would you want to collab with from the Jump Up scene?

Metalwork: Colabs are something which I love doing but the opportunity to do so doesn’t crop up much. iv recently started a couple of new Colab projects with Bou, Filthy Habits and Objectiv and I will be honest there has been times in the past where colabs have just fizzled out due to both artists involved really progressing our sound and eventually it doesn’t suit the direction of where we are going at the time. that being said I would love to work on some music with Stompz I think he is setting the bar right now and I would love to do another collaboration with Jaydan the most overlooked dj and producer in the scene in my opinion.

dEEb: So what happened to your other alias Envenom anyways, why produce all sounds under one name?

Metalwork: The best way to answer this is to refer back to when people were younger, you would go in and out of these phases some last longer than the others. Whether it be what you are into or the people you associate with. Envenom for me was a phase a name which was made up on the spot when I started making drum and bass after stopping producing Dubstep. it stuck with me for a few years but as soon as I started to change-up my style all I heard was “where is the envenom sound” so I thought it was time to put a stop to that and make people say that “metal work sound” and put everything I do under that name.

dEEb: What is something you know now, that you wish you knew three or even five years ago?

Metalwork: Something I wish I could go back 5 years and tell myself is to “take it seriously straight away” I spent a large amount of time making music for myself and not really anybody else even after I got signed to Multi Function I could go through my pc and find hundreds of half-finished projects but most of them didn’t get left because the idea was bad but I just didn’t believe I was good enough to take it serious enough. some of the music I released last year as Envenom towards the end was made almost 4 – 5 years ago and only just seeing the light. for a new producer I would say it’s not the best way to go about things so I would most definitely tell myself to get my sh** together.

dEEb: Without giving too many details away, what is the next big project you have in store and when can we expect an album from you?

Metalwork: The life forms Ep is the next big thing thats being released at the end of July for all wondering ,so look out for that. other than that a lot of things are being kept quiet there is some remix work I did for AMC and Turno which I am dying to revisit and finish and its top of my list to do so when I finally move into my new studio space. An album is a real possibility and could maybe something that happens this year I am almost ready to go for a brand new EP for Multi Function we are down to track selection for that and I have some more music in the works for High R8 Digital (big shouts Kev Coady) and Good 4 Nothing (big shouts to Complex). That’s all I am telling for now.

Metalwork‘s EP is due on the twenty-seventh of July on on the Low Down Deep store and everywhere else shortly there after. If you wanted to get yourself more familiar with the sounds of Metalwork, there is an upload fresh off his Soundcloud Profile. A mini mix of sorts showcasing some of his latest productions under the alias. I personally be keeping a close eye on Metalwork productions as I know this will not be the last time that Low Down Deep sees a release from him.

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