The 7 Best Tunes From STAT. Recordings of 2017

by | Jan 18, 2018 | Spotlight, Tunes

As we move forward, its correct measures to reflect back on previous releases to remind our selves how we got here to begin with. STAT. Recordings had a phenomenal start to their program with Rolfey’s release, the labels first pilot. Shortly there after had Newcaise, the youngest producers I have ever heard in my life. Late October I supplied a guest mix for the label which features some of my favourite releases and is also why it is important to highlight the seven best tunes. Everything from Liquid to Jump Up, Jungle To Neurofunk exported from the digital imprint from the previous year!

Number 7
Napalm By Conrad Subs – STAT013

Number 6
Chains By Artikl – STAT010

Number 5
Ooh Yeah By Jedi – STAT004

Number 4
Begin Kick By Stimpy – STAT006

Number 3
Sunrise On The Lake VIP By SynthForce – STAT007

Number 2
Subliminal Soul By R-Vee – STAT003

Number 1
The Unknown By Rolfey – STAT001

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