A-Cray & Symplex ‘We Want It/Broken’ [Cause4Concern Limited]

by | Oct 28, 2021 | News, Tunes

If you’re looking to up your DJ game and bring total carnage to your set this Halloween Cause4Concern Limited has something scalding hot from A-Cray & Symplex dropping this Friday just in time for the most brutal weekend sets. This double sided release is daring and dangerous to bring some mental bass and menacing, mechanical sounds to the stage. Let’s break apart “We Want It” and “Broken” and see what A-Cray & Symplex have conjured up for this one.

A funk filled intro flows through “We Want It” teasing and tagging between effects as the beat pulses below ready to rage. The bass booms as the build winds up to the max, anticipation peaking for the drop and you know ‘we want it’. A quick vocal cut flips the track into the drop with full force, tumbling into a crazed and chaotic composition thumping every which way in true broken beat fashion. An intelligently built rhythm provides creative patterning as the bass smacks and the snares slay, bending contorting and morphing supplying heart stopping breaks overflowing with jungle influenced fills, electrifying vibrating basslines and a dark harmonious grind. A-Cray & Symplex are pushing the boundaries over the top generating mind bending drum and bass full of powerful aggression to move the room and make the bins boom and “We Want It” for sure!


“Broken” on the B side is just as tough winding in on dark synths crying between playful melodies building beneath. Punchy vocal samples bring the rhythm to life instantly amplifying the energy with every beat as the bass rides ravenously along. The aggression in the build peaks just in time for the drop to explode as the bassline swallows the lows with intoxicating force as an all out assault of heavy, technically sound neurofunk surges through. Wickedly wild beats pop and snap with a callous, industrialized vibe as ingenious breaks twist the composition with flare. Emulating exhilarating effects, pristine percussive fills and sinister sampling in the menacing high ends “Broken” continues to flip and whip with variety and style there’s so much going on in this track!! An extreme display of merciless formulation in composition A-Cray and Symplex bring it extra hard on this one!!

Score your copy of “We Want It” and “Broken” out this Friday on Cause4Concern Limited. Pre-Order available here.




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