A.M.C. ‘Look Out’ [Titan Records]

by | Apr 24, 2019 | Tunes

A.M.C. has been carving a path for himself through drum and bass building a career on his extreme skill, passion and diversity within the genre. From releasing tunes across the top labels in the industry to great success on collaborations and remixes, creating and operating Titan Records and still finding time to tour heavily, 2019 is the year we finally get a full stack of solo tunes from this drum and bass legend in the making.

A.M.C. is fully focused on pushing his debut album ‘ENERGY’ for 2019. The latest single is living up to the hype delivering a hefty dose of energy and then some! The full album is due autumn of this year  and he is said to have plans to deliver 5 singles leading up to the release which will have 10 tracks total displaying the technical artistry that is A.M.C. “Look Out” is the second of those singles following up “Mind the Gap” which was an absolute banger.

“Look Out” is menacing and moody from the start building up to, as the name hints, a weapon of mass destruction that will terrorize dance floors every which way, reverse with hostility and repeat. You have been warned! Leading with dark, atmospheric synths the snares cut in with force; powerful and punchy, dominating this tune. They pound vigorously with precision, unrestrained, flowing with aggression for the duration, gripping listeners tight to their hold. The bass wallops beneath, relentless in force, testing the dynamic range as it bounces dangerously to and fro.

Just when you think you’ve had all you can take the second half annihilates harder than the first. Even more energetic it kicks up to hyper-speed; upbeat and bouncier, almost like an instant VIP. “Look Out” is everything desired in a neurofunk drum and bass tune; bass is heavy, snares are pounding hard taking it all the way to the end and if you survive that long…”Look Out” seems to be an omen of the high ‘ENERGY’ we are anxiously anticipating.

A.M.C. is a beast without boundaries and 2019 is looking to be a massive year with more singles on the way intensifying the suspense to the full album sure to be full of all flavors of drum and bass from this technical genius. A.M.C. is unstoppable and ready to unleash the ‘ENERGY’!

“Look Out” is available now buy or stream here: https://titanrecords.lnk.to/ENERGY2FA?fbclid=IwAR0HVkIRtLFjtp7WjhrXWNz8pb0YKB-yVTAHQ1KweLoIaHgwMdl_Mm5zBVM

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