A.M.C & Turno – ‘Ice Cold’ VIP [Drum&Bass Arena]

by | Jul 15, 2018 | Tunes

Lets go back to April 2017, Drum and Bass Arena releases a compilation called “THE BREAKS” that unleashed a jump up and nuero single ‘ICE COLD’ and introduced the world the duo of A.M.C and Turno. A.M.C is a multi award-winning artist who owns Titan Records and Turno is a new generation headliner, this partnership brings both fusion and fire to their productions. They are also known to perform back to back shows that are truly unique and quite rare to see.  Please have a listen to ‘ICE COLD’ below that was released over a year ago.

I have also included a glimpse of the duo, Turno and A.M.C so you can see the energy that these two artists bring together.

Just a few days ago, they went back into the studio to give a face-lift to ‘ICE COLD’ and a VIP version was released. VIP or Variance in Production, is a remix that a producer will do on their own original song. Sometimes producers only release these versions for their live performances to bring a harder or heavier version of the song, but many times they are also released to the public, as this one.

By listening to both songs back to back, they both start relatively the same and then the VIP version launches into a heavier tech step after the first drop and keeps with this theme throughout the song. The vocals on both keep the structure of the song together but you can tell that the VIP version is almost a complete flip from the original, what else can you expect from a VIP tune?

Both of these artists will be at Let it Roll in August, however fans will have to bid their time between the Get Hype vs Titan stage for A.M.C and the Jump Up All-stars stage for Turno, they will be playing their respective stages at overlapping times. Let it Roll Times

Grab a copy of the VIP here Buy the Breaks VIP

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