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MONDAY!  What’s up everyone!  I hope the weekend was going off for everyone…or super chill and relaxing, either way!  I’ve been hanging out in Austin, TX with some Fam and they had ACL (Austin City Limits) so it was busy.  No, I didn’t get to go, but the city was buzzing.

So great news for US DnB…A.M.C is finally coming over for a tour.  It’s this October and kicks off in the ATL with Elevate Dnb and ends out in Washington with Proper Productions.  There are a few stops like Denver with Reload and the Language Crew. So if you can catch him live make the trip.  I hope more crews around the US pick him up. This guy is not to be missed LIVE!!

Today we are going to talk about the bad man, A.M.C‘s new album Energy that is out on his own Titan Records out of the UK. Energy is a 10 Track monster of an album, bloody huge! This album is a beast!  These tracks are hard, heavy, slamming, bouncy, deep, rolling pieces of production.  I see everyone and their Gran Mamma’s dropping something out of this Energy album from now till the end of the year and past that. Look Out is a slamming track that I will be using for some time! I wont be surprised if we see these tracks on compilation albums like Drum and Bass Arena and what not. He hit the mark with Energy!

I am not going to get into each track.  I want everyone to check this one out, you will not be disappointed!  You got some hard hitters like Lookout, Energy and NITRO. A.M.C gave us an old school feel track with Instigator, a Jump Up-ish track with Clack and some thing crazy with Mind The Gap just to name a few! This whole album has the A.M.C signature and feel to it. It’s a fantastic album. I can not wait to see him live in the US in Bass City, Denver!

Do yourselves a favor and check out Energy from A.M.C  Big up Selecta!

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