Aboriginal & Phonic – Heli [Boey Audio]

by | Jun 5, 2017 | Tunes

Without a doubt, the level and breadth of drum and bass being released right now is pretty remarkable. No matter what sound you are drawn to or inspired by or speaks to you, there is some damn good drum and bass for you at the moment. It is pretty remarkable what a generation of musicians, gear heads, production fanatics, and die-hard enthusiasts have been able to push and grow and develop. It is almost overwhelming if you stop and think about it. One of the least lucrative musical outlets, in a genre of music that has more politics and opinions then we know what to do with, has still managed to nurture and grow this overall sound of drum and bass. While still new in the overall scheme of things, Boey Audio has managed to cut through all of it and push its self to be recognized as one of the new voices in drum and bass that refuses to be bogged down in sub-genres and unwarranted hype and posturing. Instead, they are focused on developing the modern sound of drum and bass, and the new voices behind it. The results have been pretty damn spectacular so far.

Their newest on-off is the stunning and subversive sounds of ‘Heli’ from Aboriginal & Phonic. This new up and coming duo from North London have been hard at work creating some deep, melodic and lush music. While this one does not feature any vocals, their work with is not unfamiliar to incorporating soulful and emotional female vocals to help tell their story. True to their form, this duo uses stripped down and sparse drums to create a sense of space and tension that is paired up with dense and obscure percussion hits and airy pads to create a new world for us to walk around in. The sub bass is murky and low, moving and slowly shifting like a fog. This is not one for the dance floor, but if I may recommend, put on the headphones, close your eyes, and let this one take you to the world of Aboriginal & Phonic.

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