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Abstract Drumz bringing the funk to C4C recordings!!

Thats the skinny over at infamous label CauseForConcern recordings. Legendary producer Abstract Drumz & Peeb are set to have a massive drum funk EP, Nothing Changes, dropping July 15th on this UK based label. One that has been releasing some of the biggest cuts in the realm of neurofunk and rolling dance floor bangers since 1999. Which, in all honesty, was a shocking and wonderful surprise to hear coming. This EP is already making its way around the jungle zeitgeist going through the full rinse cycle by the one like Ray Keith.

Hailing from Cardigan, Wales and Leeds, West Yorkshire respectively, the pair have each been making strides within the D&B and jungle scenes, cultivating an impressive back catalogue with their groundbreaking fusion of sprawling atmospherics and rugged drum programming. With past drops on emergent labels like Guerilla Bass, Omni and Danger Chamber between them.

I started out back in ’91 or ’92, making tunes on the Amiga computer(Protracker biz!!) : Abstract Drumz

Which means that this wonderful, and egregiously positive soul has been making jungle longer than most modern day bassheads have been alive. Comparatively speaking, its almost the same as seeing Christ born, and still being alive to witness virtual worship over Zoom during a Christian metal concert. Being there in the beginning, and still crafting the art over 30 years later is not something many producers/dj’s/fans can attest to.


The title track ‘Nothing Changes’ opens up this album in an eerie, yet cinematic fashion. Teasing us with bouts of depressive harmonic synth lines, a sample oozing lethargic overtones, and the drums. Always banging drums. Stylistically this is the part where Abstract always hits the best. Taking familiar element of tear out jungle & modern drum funk, and fusing them at the hip. The edits, chops, and stretches are concurent, but not over done or too abrasive. Layer in some deep subs, some minor key shifts, and some funky drummer vocal stabs. And call it a day, NEXT TUNE!!!

‘The Answer’ comes into the oxygen clean and refreshing. With a soft key line, gentle atmospherics, wha’d guitar tones, and a soothing vocal. It all feels like a warm bubble bath on a rainy day. The choppage within the drum lines is subtle , yet still very funky. Mid tune, everything drops out and its everything that makes up the beauty of drum funk. Just chopped drums and rich low end. Proof that the genre drum&bass can be exquisite & powerful when its literally just drums and bass.

If we were to take a walk into the forrest and come across the birth of spring, as a song, ‘Bloom’ would be what we would find. This is tune is pretty close to perfect if you ask me. The drums sound live, the horns, keys, and overall instrumentation here cold have easily been performed live. Similar to what an Ornate Hawkins production brings. This is the funk drum and bass has keeping subterraneous for years. And I’m really glad its getting its time to bask in the sun.

‘Re-Past’  is the finale of the EP. Riding us into the sunset with a wave of percussive elements that tickle us into the groove. utilizing the same style drum patterns and choppage. This tune ties the mid section of the album together with the end. Massive elements of dub come into play here. Long drawn out later shots, and drums his on reverb set the tone of the dance. Every element of the tune seems to reverberate and echo around you. And then after the second drop, we are catapulted into the junglist vibe. This type of tune is something people like LTJ Bukem/Nookie/Fracture/ Senses made infamous 30 years ago. Its brilliant to hear new music being crafted today, with the same amount of intent.


So yeah I am a huge fan of this release. My tastes in dnb and jungle music are as all over the place as my preference in the devils lettuce. I like it all really. I really like good composition and song writing more than anything. Considering the time  period in which I was introduced to d&b. I do prefer jungle that leans backwards into the classics more than I do d&b that goes the way of the future. Where all music is made by a variety of a car alarm samples, under the influence of Bang energy drinks, solely to see how far up the Beatport chart it can get.

This album is pure vibes. Pure ‘amen’talism. It doesn’t break away from my expectations of an Abstract Drumz release. Thus far al I have heard from him has been slamming jungle and really good drumfunk. But I am really surprised that a label like C4C put this out. It shows that our expectations are not always met. Which is a good thing in this case. More labels need to take risks and release the type of music they want to hear, not necessarily the music the think will sell.

Not every release needs to drive in the same lane as the other releases. Longevity and diversity is the key to reward. Just when I was kind of getting tired of neuro forward labels releasing the same thing, over, and over, and over again. This ‘Nothing Changes’ Ep proves that change is good. And change is healthy for growth. So hopefully we will see a lot more releases from artists like Abstract Drumz & Peebs on larger imprints that want to give our necks and fists a break, while causing major damage to our knees and ankles. Because after all, this is dance music. Without the funk, there is no dance. It’s all just Guy Fieri dnb at that point.

This album is available now exclusively on Beatport and Spotify, and drops on all platforms July 15th.








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