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The past decade has seen the lines that define liquid drum and bass drastically blurred, resulting from various crossovers and collaborations, as well as the many newer artists who are reaching far beyond the light uplifting sounds that the style was originally known for. The latest evidence, which I submit to you now, comes from the South American artist known as Accelerated, by way of his latest release “Alpha EP” out now on Intrigue Music. This is the music of late summer nights, long car rides with no particular destination, or the search for answers to questions unknown. Dark rollers is the theme, this EP is the vehicle and we are the passenger.

The title track opener immediately sets the mood for this journey. “Alpha” manages an ideal balance between fast moving syncopated rhythms and flowing atmospheric waves that will have you floating along in semi-stasis as you depart on your interplanetary voyage. Occasional breaks in the percussion create just the right amount of suspense to keep us wondering what’s coming up next.

The mood picks up a bit with “Destiny”, welcoming you to the next leg of our tour with subtle vocals and a bit more rigidity in the rhythm section. Leaving the previous checkpoint, we barely get a chance to drift when the engines kick in and off we go. There’s as much to find inside as there is out in the vastness of the cosmos, with rolling shades of color penetrating the outer shell of our defenses and bringing you closer to the answers you already know but have yet to acknowledge.

We’re past the halfway point of our voyage and the slight ominousness of “Unconditional” reminds us there’s no turning back. You start to get the sense that maybe we shouldn’t have left the comfortable place we started, until you realize that you were destined for this. Like a roller coaster ride, tension and anticipation swell during the initial ascent, when the voice of assurance eases you over the crest and all your doubts give way to a level of confidence you haven’t felt in quite some time.

Our final destination is in sight with the track “Deeper Meaning” as our accompaniment. Ambient swells lead us over the horizon until rolling percussion propels us on this final leg our expedition. It’s almost as if we’ve just gone in a complete circle, only you’re a different version of the person you were at the start, having seen a part of your inner self that you’ve only dreamed of until now. In case there was any doubt left, you are gently but firmly reminded that “your time is now.”

Unsure if this was all just a lucid fantasy? Lucky for you, this one can be played back again and again, though I am certain you’ll never have the exact same adventure which is the true nature of introspection. Then again, that’s a specialty of the Intrigue Music label, and is certain to be a staple in future releases by this young Argentinian.


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Accelerated – “Alpha” on YouTube (courtesy of Skankandbass)


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Accelerated – “Alpha” on Soundcloud


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Accelerated – “Destiny” on Soundcloud


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