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So i got to chance to catch up with one of my favorite artists on Viper Recording as of late. BMotion has been cranking out some serious tunes in years past and with a fresh release still hot in the arena there was no better time to learn more about this dance floor destroyer! Lets check out some bits from the interview below!

Top VST’s / Hardware used for production?
All my stuff is in the box so no hardware , but I use the slate digital plugins a lot and softube plugins are also really nice !
What are some workflow tips you like to apply in the studio session?
If you strike an idea keep going until you find yourself tweaking a certain part. Take a break then come back to it to keep the initial enthusiasm running . I always find a good time tends to flow quickly and write itself.
What are some of your early influences in DNB?
Noisia, Netsky and cyantific were the first guys I started to follow and get into. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Netsky and recently making a track with mr Cyantific !
Who’s tunes are you really feeling nowadays?
Dimension is killing it. Blaine stranger is coming out with some really good music . Urban dawn is putting out really funky high quality stuff too, really like his releases!
Top DNB Tunes of all time as of this moment?
 * Fun Section *
How did you get the name BMotion and what does it mean to you?
Bmotion came about after starting to send music out and needing a name! There’s no meaning behind it, but my friends like to come up with their own interpretations, most of which you can probably guess.
Favorite activities outside of music?
I try to get out mountain biking as much as I can . Was doing quite a bit over the summer until I snapped my frame ! I’d like to say doing 40 foot jumps but it’s more like 4.
Whats one of your favorite foods?
Anything sweet, I have a huge sweet tooth and it’s always been my downfall !
Whats one thing you would like to change for the better in this world nowadays?
I wish people would just let things slide and move on. Too many people take offence to things or get into arguments when they could just move on, smile, then happily carry on their day. The world would be much happier!
BMotions passenger is a neon fueled belter set for the stars and is out now on Viper Recordings!

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