Agressor Bunx – Bunker/Lethal Rain [EATBRAIN 118/121]

by | May 1, 2021 | Tunes

So earlier on this year, Agressor Bunx brought us a new single on Eatbrain; Bunker. Having not heard much from the dynamic duo lately apart from their outstanding VIP of The Offering last year it was exciting to see land in the inbox!

And what a tune Bunker is, pure Agressor Bunx savagery as to be expected. With a snappy crunchy snare and a scary sounding sample in the background the intro leads you to a disgusting reece with a sample which sounds straight out of the 2005 techstep era over the top. The pulsing bass line which drives on in the background with nasty filtered sounds grumbling along with it maintaining that snare slapping you every which way until the breakdown. The second drop is just pure filth as it has a real guttural sound which leads the reece and some scary sampling over the top, seems a shame to double drop this with anything as it survives impeccably by itself. I imagine hearing this live and looking over your shoulder in case some monster from the deep is trying to eat your brain.

Lethal Rain has an awesome title, you think to some chemical filled acid rain is going to monsoon its way down to melt your skin. The intro is as atmospheric as Agressor Bunx know how with little elements of old Black Sun Empire creeping in, which is nothing but a good thing. Then the heavens open on the drop to soak you right through to your core with some really clean driven percussion and a bassline that swallows you into it, forget about the umbrella, it’s too late for that. With some really wicked samples that just keep you well into the storm that is Lethal Rain. Agressor Bunx you have been missed. While this tune is not the carnage you expect from these brothers, it is a musical masterpiece that shouldn’t be overlooked. The second drop has a real techno vibe with a vocal sample chanting a count. It then rips through you with a bass line almost a half-time vibe but maintaining that 170BPM all the way through the to the end. What a great tune.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled though as we can expect an album from these guys in the near future dropping on the behemoth that is Eatbrain.


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