Agressor Bunx – Ensuing Cataclysm LP [EATBRAINLP012]


So the LP we’ve all been waiting for in 2021! Agressor Bunx have released a few singles earlier in the year, namely Bunker, Lethal Rain and Eternal Frost. This obviously led us all to the suspicion that a ridiculous LP was on its way to our hungry ears. All three singles were epic in their own right, Bunker being a heavy stomp fest that we are used to with AB, Lethal Rain a bit more mellow but still savage in its own right and Eternal Frost chilling us to the bone.

So Ensuing Cataclysm starts us out with a mood building atmosphere which begins you on the journey of this 17 track eardrum punisher then dropping into the pumping bass line that Airflow brings you, you can virtually feel the air coming from the sub taking its journey around your room into your ears as the chair rumbles away.

Next up is The Beginning which has an intro that builds you back up again and the drop sends you into a spin with its amazingly produced funky bass line and horror movie vibes which Agressor Bunx can do so well. This then follows nicely into Black Demon which samples the legendary Notorious B.I.G on the drop and has that typical AB sound the we love, with the stabs and the elevated reece but then into an almost techno drum beat which slams its way home to your brain.
What we seem to have here is a stunning adventure which shows how Agressor Bunx have developed their production skills over the years.

After 2017’s release of Properties of Addition on Eatbrain [EATBRAINLP006] who thought it could get even better from there. It’s an album I loved and I still play to this day. You might call me a massive AB fan boy as one of their tracks usually ends up in one of my mixes.

Next stand out track to me is Deadline with a real cyber feeling intro which crescendos into a rampage of heavy hitting beats and basslines. What a track that would just bring the fire to the dancefloor as soon as it’s dropped.

Sending The Rippers is a track that shows just how versatile AB can be with some really gnarly production that rolls through with some serious stomping but is clean with it. Amazing levels of production on this one.

…and what do we have here? Dissolve is a half-time effort from AB. Serious business that gets you tapping your feet and moving round your kitchen like some possessed zombie. I’m not normally into the half-time stuff so much but this is a killer. Don’t skip past it! That’s my advice.

Final Mission shows you a minimalist side to AB, still heavy and grinding but would resonate through a club with that echoed snare and fearsome samples layered over the top. Decent tune, really decent. That spooky scary intro and breakdown is almost worth it alone and there aren’t any drums in that!

Next for me is Incoming Transmission. This has a pretty simple beat to it but less is more as they say. The tune absolutely bangs, especially on that drop with the warning alarm sound on the beat and then into a spooky rolling piece which just keeps you nodding your head.

Just if you didn’t think that Agressor Bunx could be any more versatile, the brothers hit you with ‘Look’ which has the think break and reminds me of their older tune Déjà vu which often gets overlooked but is an absolute banger and shows you that even their more melodic side will treat you so well. Look is an absolute tune and it just concretes my ideal that Agressor Bunx are one of the finest artists in the scene right now.

Another favourtite of mine is Selecta with its clockwork style beat pattern which I always love when I hear from any artist. This has a real Agressor Bunx sound to it and does not disappoint in the slightest.

The final track on this incredible LP is Quantum Theory. What a closing track. It has everything for me; stompy, clockwork, stabby bass and heaviness that would rival an obese elephant.

So all in all, this LP is exactly what I had been waiting for from these talented brothers. I haven’t mentioned a couple of tracks in this review but that’s not to say they aren’t amazing as well. Please see my review on Bunker and Lethal Rain in the link below as well.

Here’s to more Agressor Bunx, I need to see them live again, it’s been a minute.
Get out and buy this release which is out today on Eatbrain. Clips from the release and an Agressor Bunx decade of Eatbrain promo mix are included: links below.



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