Aggressor Bunx – Magic Clock [Ignescent Recordings]

by | Apr 5, 2017 | Tunes

In 2017 we have been hit with EP after EP from the relentless duo known as Aggressor Bunx. Appearing on a wide variety of high quality labels, its doubtful anyone keeping up with current Drum and Bass has not come across the name. Most notably this year they were seen with The Upbeats on their dance floor ripping track “Cauldron” but now return with a monster EP on Ignescent Recordings. “Magic Clock” is a prime example of Aggressor’s potency with darker dance floor Drum and Bass.

The suspense is high as the track opens. Mysterious pads give the soundscape movement while a clock ticks you ever closer to the audio mayhem that awaits you ahead. a vocal sample and synth stab take you to the cusp of the first dance section. In no nonsense fashion the opening elements are stripped away suddenly as you are hit with a barrage sound. With bass pounding seven times a measure anyone in front of a speaker will be lucky to survive. With plenty of midrange magic and snare drum sorcery the dance floor is left with plenty to chew on throughout the length of the track.

When you look over their releases for the past 6 months its easy to guess Aggressor Bunx might be some of the hardest working producers in the game right now. The sheer number of tracks coupled with their consistent quality makes them an essential name to any DJ pushing the harder darker sound of DNB. Keep an eye out for Aggressor Bunx throughout 2017 and beyond!

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