Aggressor Bunx – Time To Rock [Eatbrain]


Aggressor Bunx returns! Eatbrain’s latest dark and deadly release has been announced and Neurofunk fans are bound to be sitting on the edge of their seats. Although their last album lays well behind us, the stir it caused is still fresh in memory. Of the five cuts on their new EP, we have in review this week: “Time To Rock”

“Time To Rock” opens with  a trickling piano accompanied by darker undertones. the track wastes no time starting into the build. “Its time” repeats as the tune marches towards the first dance section. The listener is bombarded with Aggressor Bunx’s signature bass hits. Crawling synth stabs land constantly moving the track forward. The drum programming gallops in the bridge adding to the dimension of the tune. In the second drop the track stretches further from its baseline moving into halftime territory, the finishing touch on straight to the point, no nonsense banger.

Aggressor Bunx has flying under the radar with releases recently. This new EP on Eatbrain is a welcoming return. be sure to follow Aggressor Bunx and the Eatbrain family has we continue into the Fall season.


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