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If you can’t tell by now, I absolutely love Agressor Bunx, and think he’s highly underrated.  It does seem, however, that he’s finally receiving the attention he deserves.  Landing his first Eatbrain release was a huge step (so was the Blackout compilation), and what he did with that release was even bigger.  From “The Order” to “Dangerous Materials” and finally the track I’ll be reviewing, “Amnesia”, the entire release displays a wide spectrum of how good drum and bass can be.  “Amnesia” probably won’t get the attention in deserves, and not for bad reasons, there’s just some absolute smashers lined up directly before it.  All my pointless banter aside, “Amnesia” pays homage to the old Agressor Bunx, while incorporating new techniques and an elevated sense of sound design.  Boasting a dark atmosphere, a fast pace, and a brutal drum kit, this song takes its listeners to another world.  “Amnesia” reminded me why I started listening to drum and bass in the first place–it wasn’t for the heavy compression or sound manipulation–it was for the drums.  I absolutely love the drum patterns in this song.  The hi-hat patterns play perfectly with the jittery bass, while modern neuro-funk synths separate the bars.  Overall the track is bound to satisfy new and old (and I really mean old) listeners of drum and bass.

I give the track an 8/10 and would encourage all readers to purchase “The Order” and “Dark Materials” as well (they were a close second and third for me).

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