Agressor Bunx – Critical Moment [BLACKOUT]

by | Oct 30, 2016 | Tunes

In the past few years Aggressor Bunx has been pushing their sound and style heavily through all parts of the Drum And Bass community. With a release history on some of DNB’s biggest and heaviest labels of recent times. Showing a no holds barred attitude with production and pushing the limit of energy being able to put into 170+ BPM music Aggressor Bunx has solidified a place with some of the best in class. The Ukrainian production outfit can heard in the sets of many dj’s all around the world at any given time. Their new EP on Blackout keeps the tradition alive with uncompromising heavy Drum and Bass tunes.

Critical Moment starts out with an enticing and action movie soundtrack vibe, and the percussion rolls in full force before ” You’ve arrived here at a critical moment” can be heard before barreling into the drop. With the might of Ten-Thousand tonnes of pressure the screeching bassline and winding amen drum styles come in sweeping up everything in their path. Quick switch ups glitching into the next sequence with exotic sounding drums filling in the gaps. The tune slows its pace down allowing some room to breath from the once oxygen void place where it came in…

Overall this is an excellent release and is out now on Blackout Recordings! give it a listen for yourself!

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