Agressor Bunx & MaxNRG ‘Coming Back’ [Eatbrain]

by | Jul 31, 2023 | Reviews, Tunes

Agressor Bunx is heating up the dance this week on the new single “Coming Back” with MaxNRG coming soon on Eatbrain. Fusing the punchy, poignant neurofunk style from Agressor Bunx we all know and love with an upbeat dancefloor vibe really hits the mark this time for a maximum energy induced, sophisticated hybrid tune that will really get the floor on the move! This one is a pristine pick to add a thick punch to the mix for festival season and beyond; let’s take a look at what’s making “Coming Back” tick like a bomb.


Check out this slick blend bringing neurofunk into the dance vibe as “Coming Back” kicks in with a symphonically warm intro engulfed in a tranquil melody to welcome the soft, yet prominent, vocal that will caress the build as it slinks through easing into the carnage that is about to ensue. The energy zips to intoxicating highs as the rhythm rips aggressively in the mix, the mood is jumpin’ and winding tight for a big blast at the drop. Prepare for the dance to EXPLODE with calls for a reload as “Coming Back” smacks and slaps a feisty neuro beat with a warm dance friendly heat. Flipping into overdrive “Coming Back” hits another level filling out the composition even more slicing and dicing dancefloor into the neurofunk power the crowd will devour as the bass pops and stomps with a force full of power. The softness of the melody carries through to twist it all into a perfect package creating a catchy, crunchy anthem dripping with goodness to entertain your ears to the fullest.

“Coming Back” from Agressor Bunx and Max NRG is versatile in the mix and keeps the flow fresh with a smooth blend in then switching and changing throughout the track with surges of energy, winding down once again with a harmonious exit for an ultimate DJ weapon to keep in the arsenal to power up your set. If you’re reaching for the ‘hardcore mix’ prepare to have your bass face ripped to shreds! A more brutal kick undoubtedly accelerates the pulse of the mix so the path is yours to pick but in any situation “Coming Back” will go off without a hitch!

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