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Today, November 13th, marks a special day–Blackout’s Evolutions, Vol. 1 was finally released. Boasting an artist roster filled with some of drum and bass’s most underrated producers and a track list filled with some of the best work I’ve heard all year, Evolutions, Vol. 1 demonstrates that Blackout is more aware of the underground scene than one might think.

It brings a certain kind of satisfaction to finally review an Agressor Bunx tune, seeing as I’ve been following him religiously over the past 3 years, and I’m proud to say that this Friday I have the quintessential track.  “Tommy Gun” is undoubtedly Mr. Bunx’ most aggressive track to date, even surpassing the work on his EP for Citrus titled Motion Madness.  Displaying top-notch sub work and a host of other qualities, it’s no wonder “Tommy Gun” was chosen to be the opening track of the EP.  The introduction begins with a simple melody modulated by some type of band pass filter, old choir-like vocal chants, and an ever-increasing kick drum pattern–pretty standard.  The track really shines when it finally breaks down, and holy shit does it break down.  After roughly 45 seconds a wall of bass emerges and completely obliterates all previous melody, leaving an empty field of sonic despair; the bass then returns every 4 bars, teasing the listener with a hi-pass filter that gradually chokes out the low end.  After the breakdown runs its course the track erupts and the wall re-emerges, this time dancing slightly off-beat to the typical real-drum-kit-esque kicks and snares Agressor Bunx loves so dearly.  Once at full speed, “Tommy Gun” never slows down, the bulk of the song maintaining the incessant pounding previously seen in the breakdown, seldom interrupted by sweeping bass patches and top notch neuro stabs.

Overall this has easily become one of my new favorite Agressor Bunx tracks, up with other classics like “Reality” and “Return of Gods”; I give the track an 8/10 and seriously encourage everyone to check out the rest of Evolutions, Vol. 1.

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