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Play Me Records is the brainchild of Reid Speed and their recent release is a remix by Sola of Know Me which was by Airglo with vocals by Sammie Hall. Sola consist of Paul based in Australia and James and Robbie who reside in Manchester, UK. The boys from Sola have been making some serious waves on a number of high profile labels recently including the mighty Program the sister label of the world famous Ram Records.

The tune starts with some big 80’s style piano chords and some rainfall effects which give a feeling of epic ness instantly. It’s essentially a drum n bass power ballad. The build up draws similarities with November Rain by Guns n Roses somehow. It gives me a similar feeling. In comes an almost haunting vocal from Brighton based Sammie Hall which sits very nicely on top of the build up.

The build itself is a lovely filtered drum break which then reverts to the 80s ballad feel but now with a very slick reese bass which is somewhat moist. I actually detest the word m***t but there’s no other way to describe it!

This track is very focused and everything fits nicely and compliments each other which is always a big plus. The drop has  a lot of energy in the drums and sassy basses that come in.

It develops nicely and has plenty of depth. The vocal as I said sits nicely on the bed of electronica below it. Sammie has quite an airy, breathy type vocal and it suits the tune nicely. There are some really nice edits and bass replies during the tune too which keep interest.

The second break is more of the same but drops into a section which switches between standard and half time beats before evolving again into some nicely produced bass ideas. The drums are tight, the lyrics are catchy and not too intense and the overall feel is one of depth and precision. I think the only thing missing might be big lead of some type or an 80’s guitar solo but hey that’s just a wild big hair power ballad fascination of mine showing! Perhaps next time!

It’s a very decent remix and well produced. Having worked with the boys separately myself before Sola I have watched their rise over the years and the style and passion that was always there has grown into a well oiled machine. the production levels have been steadily increasing and I suspect in the next few years they will be extremely established and well known artists if they continue along this path with this output and thirst for improvement.

Know Me (Sola Remix) by AIRGLO, Sammie Hall (

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