AKOV – No More/Lights Out [Program]

by | Mar 8, 2020 | Tunes

Everybody loves the war bear known as AKOV. Known for his blistering neurofunk and amazing drum work both with his own catalog and recent efforts with Korsikov’s bossman ALSO and Multiplex with the halftime supergroup Ancient RadiusAKOV is a force to reckoned with. However, this time the war bear shows off his deeper side with his most recent single off Program while still showing off his trademark filth.

No More features a special side of AKOV which we haven’t seen in a while since Space Between Us. Starting with a spacy buildup with soulful lyrics, The meat of the track though is something to behold. The first half of each track switches from a steady beat with a heavy buzzsaw reese bass to complex syncopated neurofunk filth between the bassline and the drums. Halfway through thing switch up to an almost swing like neuro pattern with more restrained drums but heavily modulate bass. The best thing about this track though is despite this description of powerful neurofunk, the vibe remains deep and chill somehow.

Lights Out however is more of the standard fair but that is absolutely a delight when talking about a producer like AKOV. Starting with an intro that may trick you into thinking you’re about to listen to a chill dancefloor track, but then again think about who you are dealing with. With a deep yet modulate bass and steady hard drums, this track is a certified stepper. As it carries on, the track slowly gets mutated, with the synths and bass slowly becomes more and more complex. Fast and steady is the name of the game here.

AKOV shows off a different side of his production here while still flexing his skills and usual tricks in a fresh and exciting way. This single is a good way to add some spice for the deepest of sets. Make sure to grab your copy today.

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