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Akuma has been driving steadily through the DNB scene with tunes catalogued on Shadow Net Recordings, Root 97, Obtain Records and Boomslang Recordings, to name a few, showcasing his dark and dirty neuro style that’s proven to move the room. Akuma’s latest release is now available on WOM Recordings titled “All I Need” and this one is a special delivery for the dance floor! Stepping a bit outside of his typical style Akuma warms up the mood with a sophisticated groove. Let’s dive deep into “All I Need”.


A mystifying mood controls the build as tranquil melodies wind through pulling the rhythm into the mix with a deep, vigorous kick as heartfelt vocalizations spiral into the drop. A strong composition unfolds with deep, thick waves of soothing basslines that tumble tranquilly through the measures with a tender yet punchy beat colorfully broken to amp up the heat. Fancy fills plump up the beat patterns, the melody weaving elegantly throughout the mix “All I Need” can’t be missed. A deliciously dark roller to subdue the dancefloor “All I Need” showcases a more sentimental side of Akuma and we need more!

Get your copy of “All I Need” from Akuma on WOM Recordings HERE

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