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AL/SO is bringing the heat to Neuorheadz this week with two alluring tracks for the DJ arsenal. AL/SO continues to be a force to be reckoned with in the DNB scene spinning sinisterly satisfying tunes to amp up the dance. Let’s get right into the release!


A thick atmosphere blankets the build, creeping in with an eerie essence, a moody melody brooding in the darkness. Fervent stabs thrush and thrash between jolts of bass trapped amidst agonizing cries and menacing giggles sure to send shivers down your spine and haunt you in your sleep. The power surges, slamming into the drop as “Daunting” morphs into a shocking neuro hybrid emitting a jumpy funk and energy levels off the charts! AL/SO smashes between buzz saw swinging basslines that pop and shock, transcending through time as the snares pierce the flesh, electrifying the mix with a sneaky, snappy rhythm. The finishing touches and attention to detail polish the composition and that laugh flips back to terrorize us some more. “Daunting” brings the dynamic power to hype up the dance floor always leaving them wanting more!



A mysteriously moody build pounces in playfully gently enticing the energy as “Apoplectic” spirals to the drop, the beat growing molten hot. A burly beast attacks, commanding control with a beefy bassline that stutters and rolls alongside a cascade of beats winding a merciless rhythm into the mix. A truly unique composition “Apoplectic” bubbles and grinds with a cutthroat contrast that’s sure to blow some minds as it devours the mix oscillating vigorously with every hit. A must have tune to allure the carnivorous groove; “Apoplectic” is on the prowl to make the room move.


Grab your copy of “Daunting” and “Apoplectic” ft. Sensus from AL/SO on Neuroheadz! CLICK HERE





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