AL/SO & Impex ‘Epic/House Party’ [Boomslang Recordings]

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The next chapter in the Boomslang Recordings chronicles comes from AL/SO and Impex and is a release of epic proportions… literally! These two legends need little introduction as their ambitious projects are always driving the scene. Matthew Thatcher’s artwork and mastering by Joe Ford make this the complete package! Let’s dive right into what AL/SO and Impex are bringing to Boomslang!


The intro of all intros “Epic” is an extravagant masterpiece of musicianship as orchestrated melodies assemble in the most monumental way. “Epic” glides through the build, timidly approaching the drop winding on continuously shaping upon warm tones as the instrumentals break through, winding the intensity to ultimate heights as the anticipation furiously fosters through the mind bending measures. A monster drop is staged to annihilate the dance floor with perfect precision as it forces through the flow whipping and thrashing between aggressive kicks to support the ultimate bassline. “Epic” is a powerfully dominate track frequently flipping and switching gears with remarkable patterning and surprises around every beat. The breakdown mimics the intro rebuilding the motionless machine until its pumping full steam to the second drop. An astonishing delay incites absolute insanity to smack the floor into submission once more. You won’t want to sleep on the most ‘Epic’ track to land on Boomslang Recordings yet from AL/SO and Impex!


Big dance floor energy pours from “House Party” beginning to end. Gradually bouncing toward the drop developing the tones that will carry through the composition “House Party” is a sure fire pick to flip the floor into full movement. Cutting and thumping as it bangs forcefully through the measures it has a funky flare wavering through the mids as the track cracks along. Immeasurable energy and upbeat vibes means “House Party” should see plenty of playtime through festival season and beyond.

“Epic” and “House Party” from AL/SO and Impex are available NOW from Boomslang Recordings. With these kind of reviews from across the scene it’s a must have release!

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