AL/SO & R3dx “Blame” [Korsakov Music]

by | Feb 5, 2022 | Reviews, Spotlight, Tunes

2022 has been crawling to a start with releases trickling in as we dream of warmer days ahead. Korsakov Music has resurfaced with a vengeance about to shake things up with the floor melting compilation from AL/SO and R3dx, “Blame”, that just  Beatport this Friday!


A menacing haze washes over the intro as sneaky synths play in the shadows beckoning the rhythm to rise,  releasing the tension in the build as a seductively sinister vocal rides in tandem, serenading the dance floor as it pounces to the drop. A deliciously dangerous dance floor vibe crashes through in cataclysmic fashion to dominate the mood and build a groove as “Blame” pumps and seethes through the measures, the rhythms pulsing and grinding amidst surging basslines that give the energy new life. AL/SO and R3dx balance the track with deep undertones that whip and slap feverishly as the beats bubble carrying the melody in pursuit of dance floor destruction. “Blame” from AL/SO and R3dx adds true euphoria to the mix, striking emotion and amplifying with attitude, sure to finish them off in style begging for more.

Grab your copy of AL/SO & R3dx “Blame” from Korsakov Music now! Exclusive to Beatport.


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