AL/SO & Tengu ‘Chris Eubank’ [Korsakov Music]

by | Nov 25, 2022 | Reviews, Tunes


AL/SO & Tengu: two heavy hitters in drum and bass combine forces once again to tag team “Chris Eubank” each bringing their own special moves into the mix. Kicking off with a superstar intro “Chris Eubank” dances delicately through the build enticing the hype with swirling synths and deep orchestral sounds blissfully interlocked. The intensity carries on, charging toward the drop, winding up for a powerhouse punch! Four on the floor knocks ya flat on your back as the bassline screams and twists – the hits just keep coming. A stimulating boost amps “Chris Eubank” up once more; get ready for a nasty neuro jab that flutters delicately through the composition attacking from all angles. Carrying on to round 2, as if you haven’t pulverized the dance floor enough, AL/SO & Tengu come with a total KO snapping down to a half time groove. “Chris Eubank” will leave the dance begging for mercy this one is brutal and tough!

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