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AL/SO is delivering the goods again this week with a killer EP as he pulls up with the homies on three bin blasting collaborations with some mighty fine artists on board. ‘AL/SO & The Homies’ will pump power into your mixes, perk up your playlist and destroy dance floors as AL/SO blends his artistry and ‘outside the box attitude’ with the talents of these three exceptional producers; Something Something, R3dx and CLIQUES and together they create an utterly unique, mind melding collection of DNB. Let’s get into the EP out now on Korsakov Music!


Warmth washes over the build, effects echoing in the distance as serene, gentle beats bubble to life caressing the intro with perfectly pristine melodies swelling as the thickness engulfs the crowd. A surge of energy entices the aggression the build breaking in electrifying fashion as it prepares for carnage. The drop destroys the dance in a frenzy of furiously timed beats paired with a pounding bassline, angry effects and hectic harmonies that tumble through the measures keeping the heat pumping and the floor on the move in this stylish number from AL/SO and Something Something. “Alsomething” has a powerfully punchy flow with a seriously unique groove and enough finesse to skyrocket your set into another dimension.


AL/SO & R3dx are a proven combo for success, following their dance floor banger “Blame” earlier this year this dangerous duo is back once more to show the dnb nation how dancefloor is done with “Run”. Soft beats start off the composition with a hint of nostalgic vibes as light vocalizations and swirling synths pump the build up. Beats blast forcefully offering one last push to the drop where warm vibes flow cascading through the phrases with smooth rhythms, big basslines and beastly breaks that add a bit of oomph to this soothing dancefloor dream. A quick flip brings a bit of half time flavor to the mix as AL/SO and R3dex are a combo not to be missed.


Rounding out the release with rude boy business AL/SO & CLIQUES bring a savage stomper to the table with a unique style that really packs a punch! Ticking to life with distant beats that fall and rise a vocal cut is pulled to the mix. The rhythms continue to rage taking control with machine gun blasts pummeling the build with zero cares given… ‘FECK OFF‘! A dangerously dubby monstrous bassline consumes control barraging through this banger womping and slapping to powerfully pungent beat patterns that elevate this track to the next level. Shockingly smooth “Feck Off” is powerful and thick to steal the mix and entice a full pit.

AL/SO & The Homies have a seriously sic collection of floor smashing, genre bending tracks guaranteed to own the mix. Get this killer realease on Beatport today! BEATPORT LINK

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