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The debut solo EP from Korsakov label boss AL/SO is on the way and be prepared to have your minds blown once again as this release breaks all the rules of drum and bass in true AL/SO fashion. We had peek into the tormented mind of this madman earlier this year when he teamed up with Sovryn on the ‘Insanity EP’ creating music that would change the trajectory of drum and bass entirely. AL/SO’s no holds barred attitude in combination with writing intelligent music instead of simply producing tracks gives us another fine example of the diversity available in drum and bass when the artists break the mold and pour their heart and soul into their compositions. The ‘Toaster Bath EP’ is set to crush all expectations, and the dance floor, as AL/SO brings his manic visions to life. Let’s take a look at what to expect from this monster EP dropping August 20 worldwide.

Slinky synths carve a path winding “Cantankerous” through the build. Rabid rhythms barge into the brigade cranking the intensity to ultimate levels in anticipation of the drop only to be blown to bits by wicked basslines exploding between the eccentric beats as they reignite the energy once more. Be prepared for a kick to the cranium as “Cantankerous” runs wild, whipping between thick, ravenous beats and a belter of a bassline. A groovy melody harmonizes through the tune, providing a dance floor friendly funk while coming in full force like a freight train. Thoughtfully composed rhythms with a clean, snappy pop shine throughout the track and that thick, warm, bass buzz will make the floor melt as “Cantankerous” tests the limits of drum and bass to the extreme.

Savage samples and life sized effects kick off “Toaster Bath” to set the scene in this shocking display of brutal, in your face drum and bass. Hop in the tub it’s time to get wet! The synths seize control, pushing full charge as they pulse to the drop between drips, charging the composition to full power intoxicating the mind with bewilderment. Dubby basslines command control animating the measures as they electrify the flow in a furious flood jolting and shaking between colossal buzzing beats, the samples simulating the scene as they fill the breaks between with ease. Bubbling down before the break “Toaster Bath’s” bassline twists into a wicked wobble, slowing the tone as it rides the ripples to a place where calm waters await once more. The tranquility is momentary as “Toaster Bath” rebuilds more furiously than ever, into territories more treacherous than before, oscillating to a second drop that will melt your face while it blows your mind. Throbbing with intensity and barbaric emotion to mandate the mix with severe style AL/SO utilizes colorful bass design, effective rhythms and excellent us of samples and enhanced effects that ride this one out to the end solidifying your demise.

Tom Vernon & Gid Sedgwick are back for the track “Brace Yourself” on the ‘Toaster Bath EP’ and if you remember anything about their contributions to the ‘Insanity EP’ and other projects on Korsakov earlier this year you KNOW there’s something exceptionally wicked in store!! As the title suggests you better hold on because this is drum and bass as you’ve never heard it before. Gid Sedgwick’s vocals harmonize with Tom Vernon’s dynamic shred on the guitar amidst heavy metal riffs, hardcore energy, beastly screams, in your face confrontational lyrics… is this even drum and bass?! The mixablity says it is and you’ll be dying to incorporate this into your sets to shake up the vibe and turn new heads to the sound with this hybrid crossbreed breaking all the boundaries of dnb. A rockin, roarin JAM “Brace Yourself” is relentless and doesn’t quit spiraling into supreme solos, manic breakdowns and dominant verses to penetrate your soul. AL/SO is forging his own sub genre so F*&% all your rules and everything you know, this is not your typical DJ track! An essential influence flipping the drum and bass world upside down, you better “Brace Yourself” because this isn’t all that AL/SO has in store!!

Wrapping up the ‘Toaster Bath EP’ is a very special track from AL/SO and Holdem titled “Earthquake”. A true dancefloor weapon of mass destruction “Earthquake” creeps in on melodic keys, soft beats and warm pads; the calm before the storm so to speak. The composition twists picking up the pace, morphing into a full rhythm as all traces of tranquility have vanished into the abyss about to be blown to bits as the energy accelerates primed to mutilate the floor in catastrophic fashion. EARTHQUAKE!! Beefy basslines thrash and crash, destructive and robust, as they tremor between ultra funky, energizing beats. The breakdown in this track is true artistry come to life through composition in a symphony of sounds, soft and serene like the eye of the storm… surging, bulging and rebuilding in voluminous form ready to unleash the devastation once more. A huge powerhouse of a track with as much energy as ten atom bombs to blow the Richter scale to bits, “Earthquake” from AL/SO and Holdem is a track not to miss! Makes us wonder who this “mystery” artist Holdem could be???!

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