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Alfonz De La Mota, Founder of Murda In America, one of the premier drum ‘n bass collectives across the United States has been doin’ it big since the beginning, also running MIA D&B Records, putting on camp-out events, as well as scores of events throughout Chicago clubs like Smartbar, three-day festivals, and one-off events that hosted the likes of Andy C, DJ Trace, Stunna, AK1200, DJ Dara, and many more.

Alfonz, you’re widely known for the formation of ‘M.I.A. – Murda In America’ one of the United States’ biggest drum & bass crews. What were some of the biggest accomplishments of the collective thus far?

While there are a lot of individual accomplishments with in the MIA membership, such as landing first paid gigs with flights, drum n bass nights, and getting mixes and music on overseas mediums. My faves were some of the early things like a 3-day camp-out with 100% drum n bass music and starting the music label [ MIA D&B RECORDS ]. Last year was fully dedicated to the members of MIA, pushing the music, and inspiring people all over the USA to group up and push D&B and jungle music.

It looks like M.I. A. has winded down. What do you currently have going on?

M.I.A. is business as usual. Everyone is DJing and making music like we are supposed to. As far as me and the presence of MIA in Chicago, I’m taking a break to work on a few other things. By no means have we winded down. We are gearing up for some music releases on the label MIA D&B RECORDS in mid-2019.

I don’t want to host shows on any regular basis, so I am locking down warehouses for underground shows this spring – with more freedom to do what we want. I have also started a podcast called INSIDE THE RIDE PODCAST. We talk about underground stuff – everything from raves, edm, jungle tings, graffiti, etc. it’s a good time. Some good things in store.

What events are you putting on?

As of this point in time, I’m just looking for venues. I need to change up the formula and take things back underground. So I stopped working at Smart Bar doing the monthly. While I love the club, I think I have to do what I want to focus in new directions. So expect some junglist rave parties in the Chicago area once the city thaws.

What would you say have been the biggest shows in the Midwest that you’ve been a a part of?

Def the event DEEP IN THE JUNGLE. It’s my marquee event. Every one I put it on, it’s a battery charge for junglists. I’ve had upwards of 400 junglists in one room for an all drum ‘n bass event featuring mostly local/regional talent. It’s a celebration of drum ‘n bass vibes.

But if you mean big name stuff, MIA has worked on shows with everyone from Andy C to LTJ and back to Dara. While those are always dope, it’s a big name and easy to sell while the events like Deep in the Jungle draw people solely for the dope vibes they expect from MIA in Chicago.

What labels have you released on? What releases do you have coming up?

While I don’t consider myself the most dedicated producer, I have put out mostly my own stuff, mostly because once I made it, I didn’t want to wait to release it or give it to another label. At the moment, I have some music I’m releasing on MIA D&B RECORDS (check Beatport, etc. ) along with other MIA producers like Bass Banditz and DJ Babel due out sometime mid-2019.

Who or what influences your music most?

As far as my productions, I’d say mood. I have producers I look up to, but their influence on me is more about work ethic, I want to be able to make a hit in five hours. As far as DJing, my background and the dance floor, I’m tribal by blood. So I love drums. I love bass and love dance. I love making people sweat and watching the reactions when I switch the vibes, get deep with the crowd, get eye level with dancers and let the vibes tell me what to do next.

Your mixes are revered around the world. What countries have had the biggest reaction to your music?

Thanks. I’d say the most surprising was from New Zealand a few years back. It’s on the other side of the world, and it’s cool to know they dig the vibes I’m putting out there. I made them a few mixes for their radio station, but I’ve gotten love from all over. I really appreciate the support.

How would you say the drum ‘n bass scene has progressed across the United States, being one of the longest running DJs there?

I’d say it has progressed in production and events, I got to give it to D&B promoters – you do it all with zero help from the UK market. They don’t advertise in the American scene or invest in it like the American EDM acts do with Facebook, IG, and other social media ads, yet parties somehow get thrown and tours come and go. So big up for that! The producers too – we have so many songs from America that are in rotation by DJs all over the world.

Top ten at the moment?

1. This! – kiril, was a be
2. Mexican gang – Isaac maya, Kursiva
3. Tyrant ( T>I remix ) – Levela & T>I
4. Acid Fashion – Nazca Linez
5. Stereo Yout – Traumatize
6. I & I – Aries, Krak in Dub, Eva Lazarus
7. whip slap – dimension
8. messiah – noisia remix – Konflict
9.R.I.P – remarc
10. dread bass- dead dred

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