Alibi – Trunk ft. MC Coppa [V Recordings]

by | Mar 13, 2017 | Tunes

No matter who you are, no matter whom you are playing for, no matter the time slot, no matter the venue, it is never a bad time to drop a tune that is pure of funk at any time in your set. I don’t care too much for arguing or defining sub-genres. What I look for is “does this song make me feel anything?” and take it from there. If the answer us yes, it’s then just a matter of deciding when and where to place it. As mentioned above, if it possesses the funk, then you are good to go at any time. The new release from Alibi on V Recordings is one such song.

I have been a big fan of the music these folks have been making as of late. I was still rinsing the last few releases Alibi have dropped when this gem landed in the inbox and life has been a bit funkier for it since. The duo of Level2 and Dj Chap are back at it and this one leads right into it with spare kicks, EQ’ed vocals, and synth stabs that serve almost as a warning of the business ahead. When the vocals clear up and are going crisp and clear, and the break starts to build you can sense this one is just about to let loose. When that build meets its crescendo in unfolds and just rolls out deep, thick, and full of funk. MC Coppa leads the way with his ability to move within and around the breaks and twisting funk baseline. It is the perfect element that pushes this one over the edge. This one drips in the funk from every head nod in the room. It shows up in the hips on the dance floor, as it is one giant slab of funk. This one will be doing damage for a while without question.

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