Allied & Lockjaw – Flow State [Concussion Records]

by | Aug 8, 2017 | Tunes

Making it into my weekly review for the first time is the latest collaboration from Allied & Lockjaw. Concussion Records hosts this extremely vibey and atmospheric duo roller EP. My pick this week is track titled “Flow State”. Concussion Records has created a reputation of featuring top quality rollers and this EP upholds the trend.

The tune opens with shimmering bells. Synths and atmospheric pads create a dreamy and fluid soundscape. Drums filter in as the bassline is introduced. Mid range accent bass layers create a deeper more defined groove throughout the track. As “‘Flow State” takes you deeper the Mid range layer arrangement becomes more complex keeping the listener engaged while building tension.

This release was a refreshing step away for my preferred dancefloor focused Neurofunk tastes. Both side are immersive vibe setting tunes that Im stoked to be taking with me to my festival performance this weekend. Keep your ears open for whats to come from Allied, Lockjaw, and the Concussion Records camps.

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