Andy C – ‘Back and Forth’ [RAM Records]

by | Jun 27, 2019 | Tunes

Andy! Andy! Andy! This absolute legend needs no introduction; you can’t even mention drum and bass without ‘The Executioner’ coming to mind. Leading the way for over 25 years with RAM Records Andy C is one of the most iconic names in drum and bass music and continues to dominate the scene touring the globe headlining the biggest stages, holding down the most impressive residencies, selling out the biggest arenas, running away with the Best DJ awards year after year, producing the biggest tunes and freshest remixes as well as pushing artists across the spectrum on his label. 2019 has already seen two impressive releases from Andy C including the long awaited single “Til Dawn” and his hefty remix of Tom Walker’s “Not Giving In”. Now “Back and Forth” has bounced to the top of the charts and it’s an absolute dance floor smasher to crank up the heat in our summer sets. If you are looking for high energy to get the crowd moving this is a top pick! “Back and Forth” is a thick tune with intense contrast fused in just the right way to induce endless bouncing and skanking in the mix.

‘Open your eyes’… and your ears!! You won’t want to miss a beat of this one.  “Back and Forth” slides in smooth and deep with burly synths echoing through the intro playfully jumping to and fro across the octaves intertwined with a duo of whimsical vocalizations to entice the mood. Suddenly an alluring feminine voice snaps mechanically in authority directing the motion of the dance with a catchy hook ‘move my body back and forth’. The snares crack, driving harder and faster as the bass winds up climatically building to the drop. Caught in The Executioner’s spell “Back and Forth” summons the carnal instincts of motion from within. Andy C implements his knowledge and expertise of producing drum and bass music to the fullest generating aggressive, cutting edge basslines that build, drop, twist, turn and spread as the beat jumps energetically beneath that hypnotic vocal to spin the floor into a frenzy. A bubbly composition that will swallow the dance in a euphoric trance with a friendly bass driven vibe that will peak new interest from multi genre crowds just in time for festival season.

Bottom line: Quite possibly the most sought after name in drum and bass Andy C is a master at his craft and each release is further evidence of how he’s come to earn his spot at the top, “Back and Forth” lives up to those expectations and sets the bar high for what’s still to come from Andy C on RAM Records! Take a listen, you won’t be disappointed!

“Back and Forth! Is out now! Buy or stream here: “Back and Forth” on RAM Records

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