Aquasky – Lords of Motion (Tech Itch Remix ’00)

by | Jun 2, 2015 | Tunes

Other then bringing something new to your attention, I would like to re-introduce you to one of my all time favorites. Tech Itch’s turn of the century Remix of “Lords of Motion” by Aquasky. As you listen at first, it’s airy and pretty, but in the depth’s there is something building…Then you get an ear full of Tech Itch! smashing you with those heavy low ends and growling synths he’s known for. The vocal samples pop in just to remind you to shake your booty. It’s a prefect reflection of both artists.

This tune was made at a very exciting time in Drum and Bass/Jungle. Many artists were really bridging the gaps in styles as producers and dj’s. They also started to show the world how drum and bass can be versatile, polished and more then just underground music. I am pretty sure a large part of how the music evolved into what it is today had a lot to do with Tech itch and Aquasky. Hope you enjoy this classic.

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