Archesta & Chemz – Danger [Raving Panda Records]

by | Jul 11, 2016 | Tunes

Earlier this summer I wrote about another track on this EP and ended up meeting and talking with Archesta about music, his label RustOut Records, and a whole grip of other topics and even have him as a guest on my radio show this week. In the process I started listening to more and more of his production and I can not seem to get “The Danger” that he colabed with Chemz on out of my headphones.

It starts out with menacing strings, reverbed wood block percussions that give way to high hats and distorted synth bass stabs as the drums build up to one of the most recognizable and sinister quotes from Breaking Bad and then sets off this tech heavy roller with a moving distorted reese baseline that will get you and the dance floor moving. This whole EP will be out July 25 world wide.

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