Arkitech – MK Ultra [Lifestyle Music]

by | Mar 27, 2017 | Tunes

It had been pretty heavily discussed that as technology has expanded and the tools needed to make music have become easier to come by, that there is more noise out there to sift through to find the gems. When you do find them though, it makes it all worth it. That is how I felt when the new release from Lifestyle music hit my in box not too ago. I have been enjoying the releases from this camp since I came across them about a year ago and have enjoyed pretty much everything they have put forward. One of the things I have enjoyed about them is they have a great mix of artists in their stable and are committed in bring great music forward regardless if it is from an up and coming artists and bigger names you may be more familiar with. The focus is always on quality and mood.

Next up for the label is the debut from the duo known as Arkitech. It is a two tracker that is right up my alley. The A-side is a deep and guttural roller that moves through a dark and reverbed soundscape. The tight kick and crisp snare cut through the murkiness with razor sharp precision. Behind them are layers of distorted samples, crunchy baselines, and reverbed pads and fx. There is a slice of halftime breakdown that adds another level of mood to the tune before it snaps back into place and rolls out again. There will also be an official video for “MK Ultra” as well that is in the works. “Hold Up” on the B-side is highly recommended as well. This one is a fat slice of dark half time action that morphs into a roller that will get anyone listening nodding their heads instantly. This release is 100% serious deep business on both tracks and I look forward to the next offering from Arkitech and Lifestyle Music for sure.


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